The Drs: Tom Green Talks About Testicular Cancer Symptoms & Treatment


The Doctors: Tom Green Testicular Cancer

Tom Green stopped by The Doctors to talk about his battle with testicular cancer.

The Drs: Tom Green Talks About Testicular Cancer Symptoms & Treatment

The Doctors talked with Tom Green about getting testicular cancer and how he had the cancer removed. (s_bukley /


Green had his testicular cancer removed in 2000 and has been cancer free for 12 years. He even documented the entire surgery on his MTV show, The Tom Green Show. From the doctors office to the surgery room and through recovery, viewers of the show were given a firsthand look at how testicular cancer was treated.

Green, who is now doing a stand up comedy tour, said a lot of people at his shows will talk to him about dealing with cancer and he said it helped him to talk about his cancer. Who would have ever though Tom Green would be a health advocate?

The Drs: Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Green said he went to see a doctor when he started to feel pain in his testicles. But many men are afraid to see the doctor over such an embarrassing issue. Sometimes they don’t want to know what is going on. But Green said you have to go see the doctor. Pain in that area is not normal. When these things are left untreated, that is when people can start to die, said Green.


Dr. Sia Daneshmand, Green’s oncologist, explained the most common symptom for testicular cancer is a mass on the testicles. He said at that point, it must be looked at by a doctor. He said the cancer is very treatable, but catching it earlier rather than later is going to be make the treatments far less severe. The testicle is not simply removed and the cancer is gone. Dr. Daneshmand said it could involve intense treatments such as chemotherapy.

The Doctors: Removing the Lymph Nodes

Green was lucky enough to be cancer free for so long, but he said he also had to get a lymph node removed because the doctors feared it could have spread past his testicles.

The Drs: Testicular Cancer and Infertility

The Doctors also wanted to touch on infertility from testicular cancer. Dr. Daneshmand said they often ask the patients if they would like to freeze their sperm before the surgery, just in case they become infertile. They also mentioned it is possible to get a testicular replacement similar to a breast implant, although Green said he opted out of that option.

Green might be making fun of himself about the cancer, but said he is often sensitive about people making jokes about it. He said it may sound funny but it is a serious problem for many men and people need to understand that.

He pleaded again for anyone who is having pain in the testicles to go to the doctor and have it checked out. The longer the problem is ignored, the worse the cancer is going to become.


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