The Drs: Tips for Weight Loss After Menopause & 3 Fat Fighting Foods


The Doctors: Prevent Weight Shifts After Menopause

Joyce is a very fit woman but she said after menopause she started to notice weight from her butt heading to her stomach. No matter how much she works out or how much she diets, she can not stop the weight from transferring.  Is it possible to get her flat abs back?

The Drs: Tips for Weight Loss After Menopause & 3 Fat Fighting Foods

The Doctors helped one woman who said she is having trouble losing weight after menopause and they looked at three fat-fighting foods to help with weight loss.


Dr. Melina Jampolis, an internist, nutrition specialist and author of The Calender Diet, said it is possible to reverse the effects but first she wanted to explain why the weight is shifting. And she should know. She said 70 percent of her patients have this same problem and she gives them all the same advice.

This common weight gain problem happens after menopause because the ovaries are producing very little amounts of estrogen and progesterone. This causes the body to develop an insulin resistance which forces insulin to push sugar into the cells. This insulin resistance also causes an accumulation of visceral fat to begin building up in the stomach area, making it harder to lose weight since insulin blocks fat burning.

Now that visceral fat is beginning to build in the body, inflammatory cells will be released into the body, good cholesterol will lower, triglyceride levels will be higher and your risk for heart disease will increase. Finally, the body will start to lose lean body fat as it gets older. This makes the insulin resistance even worse, your cortisol levels will rise, along with your weight and your sleep schedule is going to be adversely affected.


I know that is a lot, but there is a way to melt away the fat.

Losing Weight After Menopause

Now that you know why you are putting weight after menopause, it is time to learn how to reverse the effects and get the weight off.

While many people ask Dr. Jampolis why they have to work out when their grandmother never exercised and was skinny her whole life, she tells them the times have changed. Years ago your grandmother was working hard doing household chores. Studies have shown since then, time spent on household chores has decreased by half but the amount of TV we watch daily has increased.

Dr. Jampolis suggested following the advice listed below to get rid of some of that fat:

  • Eat protein before and after a workout to build muscle. 
  • Use spices liked nutmeg and cloves to turn off the inflammation in the body.
  • Eat more beta-glucan foods like oats, barley and shitake mushrooms because it will keep your blood sugar levels stable and will improve insulin resistance.

Three Fat Fighting Foods – Eat More Mustard Greens

Megan wrote in to The Doctors saying she is excited for summer to come along but she is nervous to shed her winter clothes and show off her winter weight gain. She said she has hit the gym early this year and wants to know if there are any foods that can speed up her weight loss.

Dr. Jampolis had her covered. Try eating the foods listed below to give your weight loss regimen an extra boost.

  • Nashi Pear – More commonly known as the Asian pear, this fruit has been shown to reduce the amount of calories you eat every day by 190 if you eat one for breakfast. If you have never had an Asian pear, I highly recommend them. I hate pears but I will eat few Asian pears if I have the chance.
  • Mustard Greens – This food is super low in calories, has B6 to help with cravings, is a great source of antioxidents and contains magnesium which helps with belly fat. Eat them with olive oil because the fat helps absorb the nutrients.
  • Kumquat – This food is packed with fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C.


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