The Drs: Tips For Negotiating Bills & Does Stress Make You Dumber?


The Doctors: Dr. Phil How To Negotiate Medical Bills

Dr. Phil McGraw was a guest on The Doctors and they answered a question from a person concerned about his medical bills. He said that his bill appeared to have multiple charges for the same thing and charges for things he didn’t understand. What can be done about this?

Dr. Phil said that you can always negotiate, no matter the situation. Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Phil both agreed that people hate negotiating and women, in particular, hate it. Dr. Phil said that nevertheless, it can save you money and it’s something you should consider.


The Drs: Tips For Negotiating Bills & Does Stress Make You Dumber?

Medical bills stressing you out? Dr. Phil McGraw said that it’s important to remember you can always try to negotiate.

This doesn’t mean arguing over a $10 co-pay at your family doctor’s office. This is about the hospital bills that come with huge charges for things like “equipment” and “consultation.” Dr. Phil said that you should ask about these things, because your hospital may be able to reduce the amount owed here. Dr. Travis Stork said it’s important to note also that your attending physician may not have anything to do with your bill. Find out who does and talk to them. It could save you money.

The Drs: Does Stress Make You Dumber?

The Doctors asked people what the dumbest things are that they did while they were stressed out. A man found out that his deadline for a project had been moved up by a week. He totally forgot he left his engine running, his car doors open and his car full of groceries for two and a half hours. Another girl forgot her name at an audition and another one accidentally drove to his ex-girlfriend’s house instead of his home after getting a pizza. “I hope she didn’t see me, because she’d probably think I was psychotic,” said the man.


But don’t you think that if she did see him and then she was watching The Doctors and saw him explain why he was at her house with a pizza on national television is a lot weirder? I’m not sure that was the best choice.

Anyway, it turns out that not only is there scientific evidence to back up the assertion that stress makes you dumber, there’s actually basically nothing you can do about it but try to relax.

The Doctors: Dr. Phil Why Stress Makes You Dumber

Dr. Lisa Masterson said that being stressed actually drops your IQ. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that they’ve done studies of cognitive function in the brain when stressed and proven that it does slow down.

Dr. Stork explained that when stress occurs, the prefrontal cortex, which is essential for high level thinking, is filled with cathecholamines, which suppresses your ability to genuinely think. This feature of the body is intended to give you the flight or fight response. Your body is telling you not to think, but to fight or to run.

The worst part is, the next time you encounter that particular stressor, your body does this again. Dr. Phil said that it’s important to remember that in teenagers, the prefrontal cortex isn’t even fully grown yet. So when adults question why teenagers do dumb things, it’s important to remember their prefrontal cortex isn’t fully grown.


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