The Drs: Tic Patient Alycia Nicholson Mystery Diagnosis Results


The Doctors: Tourette’s Symptoms

Alycia Nicholson and her father have shared their story about her struggle as one of the victims of a strange disease affecting students in a small New York town. The Doctors brought Alycia and her father to Los Angeles, where Alycia met with neurologist Dr. Neil Martin, who evaluated her condition.

The Drs: Mystery Diagnosis

Neurologist Dr. Neil Martin shared insights about Alycia Nicholson's mystery tic disorder.

The Doctors: Tic Sufferer Alycia Nicholson

The show followed Dr. Neil Martin in his examination of Alycia. He performed tests on her motor skills in her hands and arms. He also performed multiple MRI tests to get additional information about her brain structure.


  1. says

    Just like to say, that even though Alycia did not have strep at the time of the show, she has had it several times in the past. She even had her tonsils out back in December of 2011. She has and is going through HELL everyday of her life.

  2. a says

    I an a 100% sure Alycia Nicholson is suffering from the same situation as me. I started having tics and jerks 3 months ago. Alycia has ATTACHMENTS. People without a body, NOT GHOSTS, they are aware they are dead and are on our earth plain. They all have their own separate agenda and will not likely leave you easily. I never believed in God or anything supernatural until 3 months ago. I thought concrete facts in life could explain everything but then this started happening to me and continues to. I wish I didn’t know these things.

  3. a says

    All of us on this planet is going through a shift in consciousness (universal wholeness). Everybodies emotional state is so fargile (we were once a calm sea that turned into tsunamies inside)that it makes for the most perfect opportunity for these people to enter us. Keep in mind for a person to wan’t to attach themselves to you, their intention is probably NOT positive.

  4. a says

    My case was a little bit different because is it almost ended me when it first started happening. In a matter of 24 hours I had uncontrolable jerks and twitches but the worst part was I had serious sensitivity to sound, light, my sight would go bad and become good in seconds, and my attention would drift off (which I can promise you is not like me at all). I had trouble eating, I couldn’t match up my hand (holding fork) with my mouth (which I know, makes my sound like I’m handicapped). I couldn’t sleep at all because they wouldn’t let me (nonstop twitching). I could literal taste the end was near, so what do you so when you have no hope left and there is nothing left to save you. I prayed to God…a lot, for hours and hours and hours. I went from having dozens of attachments to now having a somewhat manageable three. Still annoying having them with me where ever I go, but I can sleep and eat again thank God.

  5. Sparkylou says

    Just like to point out that Dr. Martin obviously didn’t know what he was talking about. Alycia has a lot of infections in her body. She is still going through hell, and we can’t seem to fix it. She is strong, and determined, and she will get through this.

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