The Drs: Surgery to Move Fat From Your Stomach to Breasts


The Doctors TV Show was all about the dilemma of Fix It or Live With It.  One of the topics The Doctors discussed was a new surgical procedure by Dr Leif Rogers where he simultaneously addresses two problems many women have with their own bodies: excess fat and different size breasts.  In this operation, the surgeon starts by doing liposuction on the abdomen, back, and thighs and then injects the fat that was suctioned from those parts of the body into the smaller breast for women that have one breast that is larger than the other.

The Doctors TV Show: Surgery to Make Breasts the Same Size

Although most women have different sized breasts, the Drs TV Show found a lady named Cruz who was the perfect candidate for this procedure because one breast was much larger The Doctors TV Show Move Fat From Stomach to Breastthan the other.  Dr Rogers first injected a local anesthetic and then did liposuction to remove yellow fat.  Next, he strained the fat cells to remove the liquid and filled syringes with the fat cells.  Finally, the fat cells were injected into her smaller breast.


The Drs: Move Fat From Tummy to Breast

Dr Andrew Ordon said that most women have different size breasts, but Cruz had a pretty noticeable difference in size and, prior to this operation, was using a variety of methods to mask the difference.  She said that when she went to the beach, she never went in the water because her bikini top was always stuffed.  It had already been a month since the procedure when Cruz appeared on The Doctors TV Show but she said that on the second day after, she already could not feel a thing.  Dr Rogers said that patients may lose some fat during the first 6 weeks or so  but nothing significant should happen after that point.

The Doctors TV Show: Inject Belly Fat in Breasts

Dr Drew asked Dr Rogers what made Cruz such a good candidate for this procedure?  He said that your breasts cannot be much more than one cup size apart, otherwise you will have to reduce one side, get an implant, or have multiple fat graftings to make your breasts the same size.  Also, in order to do this procedure, you want a little bit of excess body fat, because they used about 300 cc’s of fat that was removed from Cruz’s stomach, thighs, and back.

Dr Leif Rogers said that some doctors spin the fat in a centrifuge, but that can be more rough to the fat cells, especially when you have a large volume of fat that you are dealing with.  He prefers to use a strainer instead.  Plus, keep in mind that fat cells are alive and a living tissue.  Dr Rogers showed how he does the procedure, because he does not just inject the fat cells into the breast in one large clump.  Rather, he weaves the fat cells together in strips so that it has a better chance of surviving in its new location.  Its a fat graft, kind of like a skin graft.



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