The Drs: Stressed Out Mom + Tips For Less Chaotic Mornings


The Doctors: Stressed Out Mom

Would you believe that one in four working moms cry every single week because of stress, and there’s one mom in particular who feels that stress daily. She wakes up at 6:15 in the morning and immediately feels stressed thinking about everything going on that day. Getting everyone up and ready in the mornings is extremely stressful, which often results in yelling. That yelling eventually leads to guilt and then by the time she gets to work she’s feeling irritable. She feels like a single mom because her husband works 60 hours a week and goes to school four nights a week. She feels bad just taking five minutes for herself. “This can’t be my whole life,” she cried. “I don’t even know what the best me is.”


The Doctors: Panicky Mom Strung Out Over Busy Schedule

The Drs: Stressed Out Mom + Tips For Less Chaotic Mornings

The Doctors helped a stressed out mother find ways to make her chaotic mornings a lot less crazy. ([email protected] / Flickr)

The Doctors sent Nicci to see a cardiologist for a stress test because she was displaying symptoms of health issues, raising concerns about heart disease. Dr Sunny Bhatia said they wanted to see if Nicci was at risk for having a heart attack or a stroke. They looked at her EKG and Dr Bhatia already noticed that her heart rate was higher than what he would want for someone her age. The good news is that the EKG didn’t show any abnormalities.


The Doctors welcomed Nicci, Dr Bhatia, and work/life balance expert Samantha Ettus. Dr Bhatia said the test was normal, but she was deconditioned which means she could potentially develop heart problems down the road if she doesn’t find more balance in her life. Nicci said “just hearing that makes my jaw tighten up! When? When do I do something for me?”

The Doctors: Taking Time For Yourself

Samantha said the situation can be stressful for the entire family, so she first needed to take control of the “golden hour” she was missing. In the video, we saw that Nicci was trying to get ready while her kids were eating breakfast. If instead, she woke up an hour ahead of her kids, she could be ready and able to tackle the day, starting everything on the right note. Nicci said “I would need another pot of coffee.”

The Doctors: Tips To Avoid Stress In The Morning

Nicci described her household as “frazzled” and Samantha explained that she’s basically sending her kids off to school feeling frazzled. Nicci said one time was so bad that she turned her car around and asked the principle to take her kids out of class so that she could hug them, thinking she was too horrible to them that morning. Samantha said it all starts the night before, saying that everyone should pick out their outfits for the next day then. Also, set the table for breakfast the next morning, so it’s already set for everybody. Then, Nicci would actually sit at breakfast with her kids, changing the entire dynamic.

Dr Travis Stork said “being selfish at times, is the most selfless thing you can do as a mother.” What tips do you have for avoiding stress in your family’s routine? Do you have any great time-saving tricks?


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