The Drs: Strawberry Hemangioma, Heat Rash, Shingles & Impetigo


The Doctors TV Show was all about the question of Will It Go Away On Its Own – or should you see a doctor for your medical issues?  Dr Sonia Batra joined The Drs TV Show to discuss skin rashes including Hemangioma – specifically Strawberry Hemangiomas – Heat Rashes, Shingles, Hives and Impetigo.

The Doctors TV Show: Heat Rash

Dr Sonia Batra said that a rash is a change in color or texture of your skin and it can be itchy or asymptomatic.  So, how do you The Drs Skin Rashesknow whether you should see a doctor when you get a rash or not?  A Heat Rash will go away on its own, because a Heat Rash is caused by your sweat glands getting clogged, which is often seen in overheated babies who have been over-swaddled.  If your baby had a Heat Rash, let your baby cool down so that the sweat glands are not blocked and then the little bumps will go away.


The Doctors: Shingles Rash

The Doctors said that, unlike a Heat Rash, with Shingles you should probably see your doctor.  Shingles are a viral infection that is a reactivation of Chicken Pox that tends to happen when your immune system is run down.  Shingles generally do not cross your mid-line, so you will notice a rash that comes right to the center of your body and then stops.

The Drs: Hives Rash

The Doctors said that Hives tend to go away on their own.  Hives are very itchy red bumps that come from a release of histamine, and it is often an allergic reaction that goes away in about 24 hours.  If you continue to get hives over and over again though, you should see your doctor.  And Dr Travis Stork reminded everyone that if you get a swollen tongue or feel your airway closing, go to the ER right away.

The Drs: Impetigo Rash

The Doctors said that an Impetigo Rash will not go away on its own and it is very contagious, so you should see a doctor if you get Impetigo because you will need either a topical antibiotic or an oral antibiotic to treat it.


The Doctors TV Show: Strawberry Hemangioma

The Doctors had a mom on a video camera because her baby had a large Strawberry Hemangioma by his ear.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that a Strawberry Hemangioma is a vascular legion that tends to have its own blood supply, but most of the time they will go away on their own.  They are called Strawberry Hemangioma because their color and consistency is very similar to that of a strawberry.  Vascular Malformations are more common on babies who come early (premies) or multiple birth babies, because they tend to have less oxygen.  The Strawberry Hemangioma can continue to grow for the first year, and the woman’s baby looked like his Hemangioma was about 3-4 cm.  The Doctors said that if a Strawberry Hemangioma reaches 5 cm, you should have it evaluated by a doctor.

The Drs: When Do Strawberry Hemangioma Go Away?

Dr Jim Sears said that only 1% of babies with Strawberry Hemangiomas ever have significant problems.  Usually, the center of the Hemangioma will turn a white color at some point, which means it is entering the resolution phase and it will start to get smaller.  If this does not happen, physicians can treat Strawberry Hemangiomas with steroids as well.  If the Hemangioma is near the eye or throat, these areas can be more dangerous so you must observe it carefully.  The Doctors said that 50% of babies with Strawberry Hemangiomas will see them disappear by the age of 5, and by the age of 9 around 90% of Strawberry Hemangiomas go away.


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