The Drs: Staying Safe On Halloween + ‘Walking Dead’ Murder?


The Doctors: Order A Zombie On Halloween?

The Doctors kicked off their Friday News Feed by reporting that the ride share app Lyft is offering free zombie deliveries in New York and San Francisco when you order a car. You click zombie mode in the app and real human zombie will be delivered to your door. You could have a lot of fun scaring your friends using the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater’s zombies. Would you order a zombie or send one to your friends house?


The Doctors: Celebrating Halloween

The Drs: Staying Safe On Halloween + 'Walking Dead' Murder?

The Doctors looked back on their Halloween episodes of recent years and then shared tips for staying safe on Halloween this year. (sagesolar / Flickr)

The Doctors recalled when they used to dress up for Halloween, and Dr Andrew Ordon actually dressed up as Dr Phil and Dr Rachael Ross dressed up as ghost-Lucy. Dr Travis Stork said he always thought of Halloween as a holiday for kids, he said he felt like adults have taken over Halloween, and as a kid it was his favorite holiday. He loves giving out candy to kids but said he was actually going to a football game on Halloween.


The Doctors: The Walking Dead Murder

Dr Travis then moved on to talk about the show The Walking Dead, saying that a New Mexico man is facing murder charges after allegedly beating his friend to death. Reports say the suspect believed his friend was turning into a zombie and was about to bite him. The two had been binge-watching The Walking Dead and drinking heavily when the crime occurred. The suspect allegedly beat the victim with a microwave, electric guitar, and a bat, before stabbing him.

The officer reported it was the worst crime scene he had seen in 13 years in the force. Dr Rachael Ross said this certainly isn’t normal, and perhaps the man just used the show as an excuse. Dr Ordon said some studies have shown that binge-watching can lead to irrational, erratic behavior including mood swings, feeling lonely, and depression. If you’re “at risk for delusions” binge-watching in a dark room while drinking may not be a good idea.

Does binge-watching ever make you feel different than normal? Have you experienced side-effects of watching too much TV?

The Doctors: Staying Safe On Halloween

The Doctors then wanted to shine a light on some real Halloween dangers that you should know about. A video from Coby Persin is circulating, showing children being lured into a house in search of candy. The man then brings in the kids’ parents, who scold them saying “what were you thinking?” The mothers said their children failed the test! It’s a scenario that can certainly lead to a scary situation, which is why it’s important to plan ahead on Halloween. If you’re not going with your kids, make sure you know ahead of time where they are going.

Dr Ross said the biggest accidents that happen on Halloween are traffic accidents from people not being seen and being hit by a car. If it’s super dark, try wearing reflective gear. Plus, there’s power in numbers so the bigger the group, the better. Try to get out early on to stay safe, and again, try to plan ahead.

How do you plan to keep your kids safe on Halloween?


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