The Drs: Soap Time Lights & Plays Song for 20 Seconds for Kids


The Doctors: Dirty Vs Neat Kids

The Doctors did their homage to Goofus and Gallant, and wondered whether a dirty, outdoorsy kid is more likely to get sick than a child who spends most of his time inside.

What do you think the answer is? If you guessed that the indoor kid would be healthier, you were wrong!


The Drs: Kids Handwashing Tips

Learn about a new product that can teach your kids proper hand washing techniques.

Playing In The Dirt Is Good For You

“Dirt is actually great for the immune system,” Dr. Jim Sears said. “All those microbes that a kid will get exposed to in the dirt actually gives a little workout to their immune system.”

This can help build a child’s immunities and make them more resistant to viruses and bacteria in future years.


The Drs: Why To Wash Your Hands

Dr. Travis Stork asked how this advice correlates with the CDC’s recommendation that you wash your hands regularly to prevent illness. Germs on the subway or at school and work are different and more contagious than what you’ll find while playing in the dirt. They can lead directly to a sickness or disease.

Dr. Jim said you should still wash your hands after playing in the dirt. But it’s OK for kids to get dirty when they’re playing and having fun. A study found that kids who washed their hands multiple times a day had better attendance, because they didn’t get as sick.

Get more advice on Washing Your Hands.

Soap Time Soap Dispenser Review

Getting kids in the habit of washing their hands properly can take some motivation. You’re supposed to wash your hands for 20 seconds. When I waited tables, we were told you can gauge 20 seconds because that’s about how long it takes to sing a verse of “Happy Birthday.”

But for kids there is a new way to get them excited about washing up. The Soap Time soap dispenser lights up and plays a song for 20 seconds once it is pumped. That gives them an idea of how long they should be scrubbing their hands.

The Doctors agreed that these soap dispensers were an entertaining diversion for kids and maybe even whimsical adults. Click here to purchase the Soap Time Soap Dispenser.


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