The Drs: Sikenya Thompson Accident + Rats In Your Toilet?


The Doctors: American Idol Contestant Sikenya Thompson

The Doctors began their show on a solemn note, explaining that they would be showing footage of traumatic injuries caught on tape the moment the incidents happened. They began by talking about American Idol contestant Sikenya Thompson. She was dancing in a parade in Michigan when suddenly, out of nowhere, she was hit from behind and thrown into the air, by a racing motorcycle. The good news is that Sikenya survived, and joined the show over the phone.


The Doctors: Sikenya Thompson Accident

The Drs: Sikenya Thompson Accident + Rats In Your Toilet?

The Doctors shared a shocking video that shows how a rat can easily enter your home through your toilet. (jean-jacquesboujot / Flickr)

Sikenya told The Doctors she remembers walking in the parade and was getting ready to switch sides with another dancer when she was suddenly hit. After that she just woke up in the hospital. Now, a few months later, Sikenya shared that she feels less of herself and can’t even walk the same. She has several deep gashes, including on her feet that prevent her from wearing shoes, and suffered two broken ribs. The Doctors surprised Sikenya with an appointment with a dermatologist to have her scars looked at in hopes of finding a way to help with her appearance.

The rider of the motorcycle has since claimed that his motorcycle malfunctioned.



The Doctors: Muscle Spasm Viral Video

The Doctors then moved on to show a viral video a man’s calf that looks as if he had bugs crawling underneath his skin. The truth is that he was having a large muscle spasm, which is when muscle fibers spontaneously contract and release. Dr Travis Stork then showed how he could contract and release his pectoral muscle. Dr Jennifer Ashton said the good news is that most of the time the muscle spasm goes away and in the average person, it’s completely normal and not a sign of a medical problem or nutrient imbalance.

The Doctors: Rats In Your Toilet?

Next, The Doctors showed the video that proves that rats are such good swimmers that they can actually travel all the way from the sewers, into your home, through the toilet. Dr Stork said to imagine sitting on the toilet without seeing a rat in there. He said 32 million rats live in New York City, equal to 4 rats per person. They can swim non-stop for three days and even flatten themselves to a quarter of an inch.

The scary part is that rats can carry all kinds of viruses, so if you’re bitten by one or come into contact with one, you’re certainly at risk. Dr Jennifer Ashton said being in New York City means being used to rats. Dr Rachael Ross said she was even warned to wear boots to cover her jeans when riding the subway to avoid the rats climbing up her pant legs.

The Doctors: Pediatric Immobilizer For X-Rays

The Doctors moved on to share a picture of what looks like a baby inside a blender, and Dr Travis explained that it was actually a pediatric immobilizer that was first used in the 60’s. The device was used to immobilize small children for x-rays and some places are actually still using the device. The Doctors were hoping they had newer ones and shared that often times, these days, a child will have to undergo anesthesia before an MRI or x-ray, rather than use a device like the immobilizer.


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