The Drs: Shoulder Surgery: PushLock Cinch Stitch with FiberLink


The Doctors: Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Travis Stork said it’s important to know the difference between temporary pain or serious, long-lasting injury. Brian injured his shoulder in a recent fall and has been trying to ignore the pain. But his shoulder was noticeably weaker, so The Doctors sent him to the Iron Man Sports Institute in Houston, Texas.

Brian explained that he was standing on a rolling office chair to change his smoke detector battery. But the chair slipped and he went down, hitting his shoulder on a dresser as he fell. The lesson is, always have a spotter. He said he heard a crack or tear when his shoulder hit.


The Doctors: Torn Labrum Surgery

The Doctors talked about a minimally invasive new approach to shoulder surgery.

Torn Labrum Shoulder Surgery

His doctor explained that an MRI found he tore the tissue off the front of his shoulder and would need surgery to repair it.

Using an arthroscopic canula, Dr. Mark Adickes trimmed the torn labrum in Brian’s shoulder, to create proper conditions for healing. Then he used small sutures to put his shoulder tissue back in place, before drilling and installing anchors to secure the tissue to the bone.


The Drs TV: Shoulder Surgery Recovery Time

Brian appeared live via a Polycom with an update. It has been six weeks since the surgery, and he said he is feeling better. He demonstrated that he can move his arm without pain.

Dr. Mark explained that this procedure allows a doctor to make smaller incisions, leading to a shorter recovery time. “You don’t even have to tie knots anymore,” he explained, showing off the tiny instruments that perform this surgery.

PushLock Cinch Stitch With FiberLink Shoulder Surgery

He showed how small the shoulder socket is, and how vital the Labrum tissue surrounding it is to keep your shoulder from becoming dislocated. Dr. Mark explained this surgery, called PushLock Cinch Stitch with FiberLink.

First you clean up the bone area, then lasso the suture into the area. Next, the doctor uses a small drill to place the anchors and repair the Labrum.

This outpatient procedure only takes about 15 minutes, and can get a patient back to work in just a couple days in many cases. It’s probably worth asking your orthopedist about this.

How To Avoid Shoulder Injuries

Dr. Travis asked for tips on how to prevent shoulder injury. Dr. Mark said you should make sure to warm up your upper body before working out. He suggested doing arm circles, both forward and backward, to get warmed up.

He said you should also stretch each arm across the front of your body, as well as behind your head, pulling at the elbow. You could also stretch your arm while using a wall or chair for support and resistance.


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