The Drs: Severely Burned With Boiling Water + Triple Amputee


The Doctors: Severely Burned After Doused With Boiling Water

The Doctors kicked off their show by talking to Jessie, a woman who said 10 seconds of anger changed her life forever. Four years ago, New Years was coming up and they always made black eyed peas and collard greens for luck and money. She just brought a huge pot of greens to a boil when her uncle came barging through the door. A fight broke out between him and Jessie’s grandmother. She got in between them and her uncle pushed her, and then grabbed the pot of collards and threw it at her.


  1. Eileen Shedroff says

    Please tell me how I can donate money to this woman Jesse, the triple amputee. I just got done watching a recorded episode and I’m beyond words, by your generosity and hope you gave to this woman!

    I am in awe at the ability you people have to change lives in ways that I just don’t even know if you can imagine !! All of your doctors are such a treasure To this world!!!

    Palm City, FL

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