The Drs: Severely Burned With Boiling Water + Triple Amputee


The Doctors: Severely Burned After Doused With Boiling Water

The Doctors kicked off their show by talking to Jessie, a woman who said 10 seconds of anger changed her life forever. Four years ago, New Years was coming up and they always made black eyed peas and collard greens for luck and money. She just brought a huge pot of greens to a boil when her uncle came barging through the door. A fight broke out between him and Jessie’s grandmother. She got in between them and her uncle pushed her, and then grabbed the pot of collards and threw it at her.


Jessie’s kids started screaming and her husband came through the back door. When she looked up, the skin from the top of her shoulder was all the way down at her wrist. The doctors kept screaming she had first, second, and third degree burns. They cut her shirt off and her chest literally melted off. She not only suffered extensive burns to her breasts, but also to her abdomen and left arm.

The Drs: Severely Burned With Boiling Water + Triple Amputee

A woman turned to The Doctors to share her story, after being so badly burned by boiling water that she lost both her legs and half her arm. (sterlic / Flickr)

She was supposed to go into skin graft surgery, but after kissing her husband goodbye, she didn’t wake up for two months. Justin explained that as Jessie was in the operating room, she flat-lined. She ended up flat-lining three times, and the third time it lasted for more than 48 hours. She had several bad infections and they thought they were only going to have to amputate three fingers.


The Doctors: Limbs Amputated After Suffering Severe Burns

Jessie said for three months, her husband had to “keep signing a piece of her away.” “I came in here with a whole wife,” Justin said to the doctors at the time. “How much are you going to let me leave with?”

Jessie ended up losing both her legs and half of her right arm. Jessie said she’s been married to Justin for eight years and he’s had to do things husbands shouldn’t have to do. He does her makeup and bathes her. Jessie’s kids say their mom is a superhero and when asked if she’s just like any other mom one of her sons said “No, she’s better.”

The Doctors: Burn Victim Triple Amputee

Jessie has prosthetics, but her bone spurs have gotten so bad that she can’t straighten out her legs. Now she can’t even put them on. Her breasts are deformed and misshaped and her medical bills total $3.5 million.

The Doctors welcomed Jessie and her husband Justin to the show. Jessie said the worst part of it all is that her kids saw it happen. She said she never wanted to be anything more than a mom and she was blessed with three beautiful boys. Justin said for him, that hardest part was signing each piece of her body away at a time, but he wasn’t going to give up on her.

Dr Andrew Ordon explained that burn victims are one of the most injured patients they see, and burns are complex, affecting every system of the body. Dr Travis Stork explained that often times the medicines used to keep the vital organs functioning can cut off the blood supply to your extremities. Over a long period of time, your extremeties die, requiring an amputation. Dr Stork said he was most struck by the fact that Jessie still had her left arm.

The Doctors: Breasts Disfigured After Severe Burns

Jessie said she’s not that devastated by the loss of her limbs, but it’s the damage to her breasts that affect her the most. She said it’s part of being a woman and having her husband put her bra on for her and see her like that, is terrible for her. Dr Ordon said burns on the chest lead to healing that isn’t optimal.

Jessie said “sometimes it takes something really bad to see the good.” She said her community has stood up for her and her family. Financially, it’s been incredibly awful. They owe $3.5 million dollars and are living on a disability check that pays for their house and utilities. She said they can’t complain because their lights are on and no one is knocking at their door, but it’s hard.

The Doctors: Surprise For Burn Victim Triple Amputee

As for the prosthetics, she’s having a hard time because of her bone spurs. The Doctors said she needed the best of the best in terms of prosthetics, so they reached out to A Step Ahead Prosthetics in New York, and the CEO Erik Schaffer who said he was going to bring her to New York and get her fitted for some of the most state of the art controlled prosthetics so that she could go home and take care of her family. Jessie said “You have no idea how that will change my life.”

To get to New York, Angela Mader, the founder of Fitlosophy, said they were so inspired by her story that they wanted to pay for her trip to New York. The Doctors also reached out to a plastic surgeon in Burmingham, Alabama, Dr Michael Beckenstein, who said he was going to bring Jessie to his office and examine her to come up with a plan to build a pair of natural breasts for her.



  1. Eileen Shedroff says

    Please tell me how I can donate money to this woman Jesse, the triple amputee. I just got done watching a recorded episode and I’m beyond words, by your generosity and hope you gave to this woman!

    I am in awe at the ability you people have to change lives in ways that I just don’t even know if you can imagine !! All of your doctors are such a treasure To this world!!!

    Palm City, FL

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