The Drs: Severe Dog Phobia + Avoid Holiday Meal Heartburn


The Doctors: Irrational Fear Of Dogs

Phobia expert Gary Coxe was back on The Doctors, this time to help a woman named Jaseena who is absolutely petrified of dogs. Jaseena knows that dogs smell fear, and can easily tell that she’s absolutely freaking out. It doesn’t matter if the dogs are small or large, because when she was 3-years-old, she was chased by a dog and almost bitten. Since then, she sees every dog as a threat, knowing how unpredictable they are. She works out a lot and constantly comes across dogs, causing her to freeze and panic automatically.


The Doctors: Cured Of Severe Phobia

The Drs: Severe Dog Phobia + Avoid Holiday Meal Heartburn

One woman has been petrified of dogs since she was just 3. Could Gary Coxe help her cure her? (uffdah777 / Flickr)

Gary Coxe was with Jaseena in the Panic Room, to help her change her entire belief system. She spent a half hour with Gary to see if she could somehow get over her dog panic. Autiana, Jaseena’s sister, was in the audience, and said she was really hoping her sister could overcome her fear. Jaseena then walked out with three dogs on leashes, and a big smile on her face. She was incredibly thankful to Gary and said she never thought she would feel the way she did then. Gary changed her belief system and thought process, in just 20 minutes!


They then welcomed out two bigger dogs, which Jaseena pet and held, truly showing how incredible the change was! She even told her sister they could adopt a dog! Gary Coxe is the author of “How to Make Your Thoughts Disappear.”

The Doctors: Catering For An Easier Party

To make your party a hit, use catering! Catering can be cheaper and is a whole lot easier! Plus, the leftovers are amazing! You can focus a lot more on spending time with your guests to make the entire season stress-free! You can use the word season on The Doctors’ website to enter for the chance to win a catering party for 20 by Chipotle!

The Doctors: Avoid Heartburn After Holiday Meals

The Doctors then kicked off their News in 2:00 segment, by reporting that the people at ECAn, Esopohageal Cancer Action Network, want everyone to know that large holiday meals can contribute to heartburn symptoms caused by reflux disease or GERD. The non-profit organization shared tips for dealing with heartburn, using common-sense reminders. Schedule your holiday meals for the afternoon rather than the evening and don’t lie down righ after eating. Plus, try to take a walk and drink in moderation.

The Doctors: Dog Blood Donors Needed

When dogs need a blood transfusion, they rely on other dogs to donate and help save their lives. For small vet clinics, it can be difficult to keep a fresh supply on hand, as some dog blood donated products are only good for 30 days. There are some commercial blood banks, but now there’s a national need for dog blood donors. To be a donor, a dog has to have a universal blood type and a calm demeanor. Dogs should be fit, between 50-100 pounds and undergo an exam.

The Doctors: No Lasers For Kids

Before you add a new laser toy to your kids’ Christmas list, know that a recent report in Live Science reported that a bus driver suffered permanent eye damage when a child bounced a light off the rear view mirror and directly into his eye from 50 feet away. The report recommended that laser pointers of any kind not be made available to children.

The Doctors: Smell Floss To Test For Bad Breath

For the Prescription of the Day, you can see if you have bad breath by using floss. Floss your teeth and then smell it afterward. If your floss smells bad, your breath smells bad. Dr Ordon equated it to smelling dirty socks.


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