The Drs: Sarapin Soothes Neck Pain & Watery Eyes are Due to Dry Eyes


The Doctors: What Is a Physiatrist?

The Doctors welcomed physiatrist Dr. Venus Ramos on the show today and first they allowed her explain what her job entails before she answered any heath questions.

Dr. Venus said being a physiatrist means she is a rehabilitation specialist. She works on improving the different functions of the body, from helping someone with a brain disease learn to walk again to working with an injured athlete who wants to strengthen their body.


The Drs: Sarapin Soothes Neck Pain & Watery Eyes are Due to Dry Eyes

The Doctors talked with a physiatrist about how sarapin can help a patient with neck pain and an optometrist went over how to prevent your eyes from watering.

Today, Dr. Venus had a few patients on the show to demonstrate how you can treat your pain without any type of surgery.

Jade Infrared Heat Massage Bed Helps Soothe Back Pain

Dr. Ramos introduced the audience to Natasha, a woman who was in a car crash and has been complaining of pain in her back. Instead of giving her medications, Dr. Ramos felt it better to put Natasha on a jade infrared massage bed. She said this was the ideal solution because the infrared heat is great for increasing flexibility and skin circulation as well as blood flow.


The massage table works by having jade spheres attached to the massaging bed roll up and down the person’s back to soothe the muscles while allowing the heat to penetrate into the body.

She said some patients feel better after a single treatment while others take about three sessions a week for about three to four weeks before they get relief.

Sarapin Helps Soothe Neck Pain

The next patient Dr. Ramos introduced has an office job and most of her stress is in her lower neck. Instead of giving her steroids which have some adverse side effects, Dr. Ramos injected the patient with sarapin, a natural extract that comes from the pitcher plant. This extract acts as a blocker to the sensory nerves while not affecting the motor nerves.

She said the shot will offer the patient immediate relief most of the time and they can have almost as many shots as they need because the injections do not have the same side effects as steroids.

How To Prevent Watery Eyes

A woman wrote in to The Doctors saying her eyes begin to water whenever she looks at bright lights and she wants to know why that happens.

Dr. Stacy Gin, an optometrist, said the main culprit for watery eyes is actually dryness of the eye. They begin to dry out when the surface of the cornea is inflamed. This causes the eyes to feel like they are burning, which in turn sends a signal to your brain to produce more tears.

While dry eyes are the main cause for watery eyes, Dr. Gin said it is important to see a doctor about dry eyes in case it is something more severe. She did point out there are a number of treatments for dry eyes, from medications to plug treatments

Protect Your Eyes In the Summer With Sunglasses

With the warm weather hitting us now, people are going to be spending a lot more time outside. To protect your eyes from the sun, Dr. Gin said it is important to wear sunglasses all the time. This will lower your risk of skin cancer around the eyes, having deep set wrinkles and can even prevent cataracts.


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