The Drs: Sani Antibacterial Wipes & Safe-Er Grip Shower Handle


Dr. Travis Stork: Germiest Surfaces

Here are some common ways we are exposed to germs throughout our everyday lives. Just reading this list will make you want to wash your hands.

Public Mailboxes

Pulling the lid open means touching germs that countless others have touched already. (I don’t know about you, but some of the mailboxes in my neighborhood seem pretty neglected, so I’m not sure about this one.)


The Drs: Vending Machines & Germs

Buying a soda or paying for parking could be exposing you to thousands of germs. Find out what to do about it.

Vending Machines

Hungry people don’t think about all the other fingers that have touched the buttons and keypads when they are in a hurry to get their snacks.

Parking Meters

Parking Meters spread germs through volume of daily use.



That button at the crosswalk has probably never been cleaned.


The outside or inside of your lunch bag can become contaminated if you don’t clean them occasionally. These were the dirtiest surface on this list, according to tests performed by The Doctors.

How Germs Make You Sick

Getting germs on your hands doesn’t cause sickness, though. It’s when those germs touch your face or mouth that problems arise. Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wipes to clean your hands after touch common surfaces.

The Drs TV: Sani Brand Antibacterial Wipes

The Doctors recommended using Sani Brand Wipes to keep your hands and common surfaces clean, at home or at work. Click here to purchase Sani Brand Sanitizing Wipes.

The Doctors: Best Times To Work Out

Everyone can use the health benefits of working out. But here are some particularly good times for you to visit the gym for a workout.

After Surgery

Get permission from your surgeon, and start working out after your surgery to speed your recovery process.

Joint Pain

Exercise strengthens the muscles, which can alleviate joint pain.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Exercise can help relieve constipation.


Working out seems to reduce menopause symptoms. Dr. Lisa Masterson said it gets the blood flowing and can reduce vaginal dryness.


Exercising during pregnancy can help with pain, swelling, and blood pressure management. But ask your doctor about your personal situation.

If you’re dealing with a severe infection or other ailment, exercise will actually make it worse.

Dr. Jim Sears: How To Senior-Proof Your House

As adults get older or become Empty Nesters, they may downsize their homes. There are easy ways to make a home safer and prevent falls, and Dr. Jim Sears shared them on The Doctors.

Dangerous Step-Ups

Build a small wooden ramp across the length of an exterior doorway to prevent tripping over the step-up on your way into the house.

Slippery Floors

Tile, hardwood, and linoleum are slippery surfaces. Rubber Soled Slippers will prevent slipping.

Medication Side Effects

Read the labels for side effects like dizziness, which could cause falls.

Throw Rugs

Rugs tend to slip and slide, but rubber grips can keep them in place.

The Doctors: Portable Shower Rail

An easy-to-install portable railing provides solid support and prevents falls in the shower or bath. Click here to purchase a Safe-Er Grip Shower Handle similar to the one featured on the show.

The Doctors: Effects Of Sleeplessness

Lack of sleep can lead to heart disease, obesity, and more. Here are some reasons to make sure you’re getting enough sleep.


Your brain becomes more efficient by processing a day’s worth of information while you sleep.


Sleep deprivation affects the hormones and actually makes you more hungry.


Getting enough sleep lowers your diabetes risk.


Sleep deprivation “alters your immune function,” Dr Travis Stork said. It prevents Natural Killer Cells from doing their job to fight off tumors and viruses.


You can add years to your live by sleeping 6.5 to 7.5 hours each night. People whose sleep habits fall in this range outlive those who sleep less than 6.5 hours or more than 8 hours each night.


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