The Drs: Reasons for Alcohol-Induced Diarrhea & New Laser Hair Removal


The Doctors: Alcohol-Induced Diarrhea

The Doctors have a bunch of problems they are tackling during this TMI Tuesday episode and one of the first came from a woman who wondered why she gets diarrhea after drinking alcohol. Is she allergic?

Dr. Lisa Masterson said it is not normal to have an allergy to alcohol but some of the culprits causing the diarrhea could be an intolerance to different mixers in the drink or some of the ingredients in the drink such as corn, wheat or hops. She also noted that some people do not have the enzyme that breaks down alcohol causing them to feel sick.


The Doctors said they usually see problems with diarrhea after drinking in people who are chronic drinkers because they form an inflammation in the lining of the stomach called gastritis. This inflammation can cause the diarrhea.

They also speculated that it could be caused by the excess water in the GI tract from the copious amounts of alcohol consumed. Dr. Travis Stork said there are also studies suggesting alcohol may make the smooth muscle cells in the colon become more hyperactive than normal.

How To Prevent Alcohol-Induced Diarrhea

The easiest way to prevent the diarrhea is to stop drinking but if you aren’t willing to put down the bottle, try eating and drinking some of the foods and drink listed below:

  • Water – This will help to rehydrate the body since the diarrhea is going to dehydrate the body.
  • Bananas – These will firm up the stool.
  • Crackers – These help bind the acids in the stomach in turn stopping the diarrhea.

You can see a demonstration of how the alcohol passes through your body in the video below.

Treating Razor Burn With Pulse Laser Therapy

Keisha told The Doctors every time she waxes or shaves she gets a bunch of unsightly bumps and razor burn. She has tried everything, even laser hair removal, but nothing has worked for her. She said many places who perform laser hair removal turn her away telling her the procedure won’t work because her skin is too dark and she thinks that is unfair.

The Drs: Reasons for Alcohol-Induced Diarrhea & New Laser Hair Removal

The Doctors talked with one woman who wanted to know why she was experiencing alcohol-induced diarrhea and helped a woman who couldn’t stop her razor burn.

The Doctors brought on dermatologist Dr. Howard Liu to give Keisha a hand with her razor burn.

First, he explained there are two reasons she may be getting razor burn:

  1. Genetics – If you have thick, curly hair, the curls can cause problems like ingrown hairs.
  2. Poor Grooming – Dr. Liu said poor grooming techniques can lead to skin trauma.

Palomar Icon Hair Removal Review

To help Keisha get rid of her bumps, Dr. Liu brought in the Palomar Icon hair removal machine, a device that uses lasers to penetrate deep into the skin where it fires lasers at the root of the hair essentially ejecting the hair from the hair follicle. Dr. Liu told Keisha it would probably take between eight and 10 sessions for her to see complete removal of the hair.

Tips To Reduce Irritation From Shaving

For those who can’t afford laser hair removal treatment, Dr. Liu had some advice to keep you bump-free.

  • Shave using a new blade.
  • Always dry blade after use to stop rust and bacteria from forming.
  • Shave with a hypoallergenic gel
  • Use aloe vera or tea tree oil to reduce the irritation and inflammation.


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