The Drs: Rapamycin Anti-Aging Pill & Does Makeup Contain Gluten


The Doctors: Forever Young Drug

The Doctors asked people on the street if they would take an anti-aging pill or age gracefully. Most seemed to be in favor of the idea.

Dr. Travis Stork explained that scientists have discovered Rapamycin, nicknamed the “Forever Young” drug. The chemical was found 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile. It shows potential for reversing aging.


The Drs: Gluten & Makeup

Celiac Disease sufferers need to know if their makeup contains Gluten.

The Drs: Rapamycin Side Effects

This drug has already been used to treat Hutchinson Gilford Progaria Syndrome in children, which accelerates the aging process and can cause suffers to die of old age by the time they are 12.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that Rapamycin reverses the effects of Progerin, a protein responsible for the effects of aging. Harvard researchers are studying aging using this drug. Dr. Ordon said this pill is an immuno-suppressant, and it would have a variety of significant side effects that would outweigh its benefits.


Dr. Andrew said diet and exercise are much better ways to keep yourself looking and feeling youthful. Dr. Travis said having a positive attitude about aging can help you grow older gracefully.

The Doctors: Gluten In Makeup

Does makeup containing Gluten pose a risk to sufferers of Celiac Disease? Gluten is found in wheat products, and sufferers of Celiac Disease can’t properly digest it, causing intestinal problems. Some cosmetics also contain Gluten, to the surprise of many.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said it’s unlikely you would absorb Gluten through the skin from makeup. If it came in contact with your mouth, as with a lipstick containing Gluten, that could be cause for concern among Celiac sufferers.

How To Tell If Makeup Contains Gluten

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez joined The Doctors by phone to weigh in. He said there is a lot of misinformation about Celiac Disease. “When you ingest it, the body starts making antibodies against the Gluten protein.

That protein then incorrectly starts going against our intestine, and those people get really severe illness,” he explained. “But the truth is, not everybody should avoid Gluten. That’s a really good source of protein.”

The Doctors: Gluten-Free Makeup

The problem is that cosmetics don’t carry Gluten warnings, because they are not food products. Dr. Rodriguez recommended contacting the manufacturer for more information about the ingredients of your cosmetics.

Dr. Travis said to pay attention to how your body reacts to any new cosmetics or products that you use.

The Doctors: Voice Changes & Stress

Dr. Andrew Ordon said stress and emotions can affect the sound of your voice. Researchers at the University Of Florida Gainesville. One possible benefit of this research is it could be a new innovation of lie detector tests.

Voice prints have been featured in movie plots, but the reality is everybody has a different voice print. Stress will have different effects on the vocal patterns of men vs women.


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