The Drs: Radiofrequency vs. Fractional CO2 Laser To Tighten Tummy Skin


The Doctors: Dahm Triplets Childbirth Questions

The Dahm triplets stopped by The Doctors February 6 2013 for their multiples edition. They each have had children and their children all play together. They said they are all really close and great friends. But all three of them are worried about the loose skin from childbirth and the extra weight gained from childbirth.

Between them, they’ve had five children. The triplets wondered if there’s a non-invasive procedure that can be done to help them.


The Drs: Radiofrequency vs. Fractional CO2 Laser To Tighten Tummy Skin

Sure, babies are cute, but many new mothers are concerned about the loose skin around their tummies after giving birth. Worry not, young mothers: Dr. Andrew Ordon has three different solutions for you.

Dr. Andrew Ordon, who is a plastic surgeon, said there are three different options for tightening loose skin after pregnancy. All three triplets headed to the back to try out each of the three options.

The Drs: Should Triplets Be Separated In School?

A parent wrote in to ask if she should separate her triplets in school next year. Dr. Jim Sears said that’s a question a lot of parents ask and it’s one with an answer that’s going to be different for each family.


He advised talking to the teachers and finding out how close the triplets are. Are they too close? Do they get along? He said that sometimes it’s important to separate them and other times it could be bad. It really depends.

The Doctors: Dahm Triplets Try Tummy Tightening Procedures

The Dahm triplets each tried a procedure after a consult with Dr. Ordon. First up was Nicole, who had a baby just six weeks ago. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian brought his equipment to The Doctors for a fractional CO2 laser, which stimulates collagen formation to help the skin tighten up.

Next was Erica, who received a facial wrap on her tummy. Dr. Ordon mixed together clay, kelp and sea salt. The clay helps draw out the extra water in the skin, the sea salt gives some exfoliation and the kelp has lots of minerals. Then, Erica’s stomach was wrapped in plastic wrap to help seal it all in. Erica was excited because she could do this from home.

The next was a radiofrequency heat treatment for Jacyln. This was a procedure to generate heat in the skin to stimulate collagen production. They showed a before and after picture of a woman’s stomach that had many wrinkles that because almost completely smooth after a few treatments of this procedure.



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