The Drs: Prevent Tension Headaches & Does Drinking Wine Age You?


The Doctors: What are Tension Headaches?

The Doctors hit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Los Angeles Farmers Market to answer some health questions.

One woman wanted to know why she was continually get headaches that hurt in the back of her head. Dr. Travis Stork said those are tension headaches that could be caused from stress, bad posture or a number of other factors. He suggested she use a warm washcloth to sooth the area and try to massage the area as well.


The Drs: Prevent Tension Headaches & Does Drinking Wine Age You?

The Doctors took to the streets of Los Angeles where they helped a woman with tension headaches, another with yeast infections and revealed wine ages you.

How to Prevent Yeast Infections

A woman asked Dr. Lisa Masterson why she was always getting yeast infections when she was menstruating. Dr. Masterson said it was because of imbalance in her hormones during that time of the month. She suggested wearing more breathable underwear and taking more showers. Another recommendation Dr. Masterson has was eating yogurt because it balances out the pH levels in those areas.

Does Drinking Wine Age You?

One woman wanted to know if drinking wine could age her. Dr. Andrew Ordon said it most certainly could  but the number one factor when it comes to aging is your genes. Other factors that amy age you quicker are:

  • Getting too much sun
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Poor diet

Prevent Sickness on a Plane with Nasal Saline Spray

A father told Dr. Jim Sears his son was sick after a long plane ride and he wanted to know how to keep him safe next time. Dr. Ordon said to wash your hands frequently while on the plane and to use a saline nasal spray because he believes it prevents a cold from entering the body.

What is Croup?

A little girl wanted to know what croup was so Dr. Sears explained it is a specific type of cough that sounds like a barking sea lion. He said one of the things that can help with a bad cough like that is cold, moist air.

How to Stop Earaches

Another little girl said her brother gets earaches all the time and she wanted to know how to stop them. Dr. Sears said it is important to go to the doctor for an earache because it could be something more serious like an ear infection.

Mineral Based Sunscreen the Best

A mother wanted to know how to keep her children safe from the sun and Dr. Sears said the best kind of sunscreen is mineral based sunscreens that contain titanium and zinc.


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