The Drs: Power of Self-Healing Review & Chiropractic Treatment


The Doctors: Chiropractic Treatment

What should you do if your chronic pain won’t go away, and no one seems to have a solution? The Doctors said you shouldn’t give up, but you may end up having to think outside the box to find out what is really going on. For advice about Chiropractic Treatment, The Doctors turned to The Power of Self-Healing author Dr Fabrizio Mancini.

The Drs: Chiropractic ENG Evaluation

The Drs: Chiropractic Treatment

Dr Fabrizio Mancini explained why you shouldn't be afraid of the alternative approach of Chiropractic Treatment.


A woman asked The Doctors why she can’t shake her lower back pain, which has persisted through various treatments, such as massage. The Doctors sent Beverly to a chiropractor for an evaluation.

She met with Dr Fabrizio Mancini, DC, to help her figure out what is causing her pain. She went through testing to learn about her autonomic nervous system and a surface ENG, which measures “electrical activity in the muscles.”

The results revealed that Beverly is putting significantly more weight on her left foot. Four segments of her spine are misaligned, which is probably causing pain and tightness. Fabrizio explained that Chiropractic treatment attempts to focus on a root cause rather than management of symptoms.


The Doctors: Chiropractic Treatment Results

Beverly and Dr Mancini joined Dr Travis Stork in the studio for an update. “I feel so great,” Beverly said about her results. “I got off the plane and I didn’t feel like a pretzel.”

Dr Mancini explained that Beverly’s rigorous travel schedule contributed to her pain. In addition, her diet was creating inflammation. Her emotional stress was also believed to be a contributing factor.

“Stress can not only just increase pain in general…but stress has a physiologic effect on our muscles,” Dr Travis said. “It can reflect itself in these areas of pain.”

The Drs: Are You Afraid of the Chiropractor?

He praised Dr Mancini’s “multifaceted approach.” Dr Mancini said the pain is a symptom, not the underlying problem. He showed an animation to explain how pain is communicated to the brain. “We’re trained to actually find the cause of that problem,” he said. “And then we just correct it.”

Dr Mancini said that he understands some patients are afraid of visiting a Chiropractor, but he demonstrated a small device used for Beverly’s treatment, to show that there isn’t necessarily anything to be afraid of.

The Doctors: The Power of Self-Healing Review

The Doctors studio audience got to take home a free copy of Dr Mancini’s book, The Power of Self-Healing. Have you had Chiropractic treatment? What do you think about it?


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