The Drs: Poison Ivy Genital Rash & Fat Makes Wrinkles Less Noticeable


The Doctors: Secrets Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You

The Drs: Poison Ivy Genital Rash & Fat Makes Wrinkles Less Noticeable

The Doctors looked at dermatology secrets you may not have known, like fat can make wrinkles less pronounced and a rash “down there” could be poison ivy.

The Doctors brought on Liz Vaccariello, the Editor in Chief of Reader’s Digest, to go over some of the top secrets your dermatologist is not telling you. From looking younger by gaining some weight to using hair care products for the opposite gender, Vaccariello had a number of secrets everyone should follow.


Use Men’s Hair Care For Thinning Care

Women with thinning hair might want to consider male hair care products for thinning hair because the concentration of the ingredients are a lot stronger than women’s products.

Dr. Glynis Ablon, a dermatologist, said 40 percent of the people who deal with hair loss are women. Women who want to thicken their thinning hair should use men’s hair growth products because it can stimulate hair growth, but she also cautioned that it could grow hair in other places as well.

Vaccariello explained that in 1997, the government said five percent of the hair thickening concentration in men’s products could be minoxidil, the active ingredient that stops hair loss and promotes hair growth. Since it is an off label use for women to use the product, The Doctors suggested you talk with your physician about using the product.


Also, be careful where you place the product. If you put it on your head make sure none of it drips anywhere else on the body or you might start growing hair in places you do not want.

Rashes “Down There” May Be Poison Ivy

If you have a rash bothering you it could be poison ivy. If you have been out in the yard and then you go to use the bathroom without washing your hands, you could spread the poison ivy from your hands to other parts of the body.

Dr. Ablon said she normally thinks STD when she sees a rash around down there but there is always a chance it could be something different.

Vaccariello said it is important to scrub your hands and nails after coming in from outdoors.

Fat Can Make You Look Younger

Did you ever think exercise may not be entirely good for you? While Vaccariello admits exercise is great for your body, she said extreme exercise that results in a lot of weight lost can be bad for the skin. Studies have shown women over 40 who have a little extra weight have less wrinkles and actually look younger.

Dr. Andrew Ordon has studied this topic and said he found that the face loses volume over time in the cheek bones and the mid-face. This makes the person appear older than they really are.

Who would have thought a higher fat content could make you look younger?

Skin Cancer Grows In Areas Not Seen By the Sun

When you go to the dermatologist for your skin exam, you might want to take off your underwear. Vaccariello said it is important for the dermatologist to look at every inch of your skin.

Dr. Ablon said there has been an increase in skin cancers developing in areas of the body that do not see the sun very often.


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