The Drs: Pico Wound Vacuum Review & Green Laser Prostate Surgery


The Doctors: Green Pus

I’m not sure St. Patrick’s Day wants to be associated with all these gross medical issues just because they share a common color. Dr. Travis Stork said Green Pus is potentially common after surgery, and even The Doctors are alarmed when this occurs.

Post-Surgical Infections are sometimes unavoidable, no matter how many precautions doctors take. Dr. Andrew Ordon introduced “Pico, a negative pressure wound vacuum device.” This will take the place of a larger, now obsolete machine.


The Drs: Wound Vacuum

The Doctors explained how keeping a wound clean and dry using a vacuum can prevent Post-Surgical Infection risks.

The Drs TV: Pico Wound Vacuum Review

Dr. Andrew used a prop wound to demonstrate how the device does its magic. A special adhesive bandage attached to the vacuum is sealed over the open, draining wound. Then you turn the device on and it helps the body accelerate healing around the edges of the wounds.

This type of treatment can be done by patient at home using the portable device, for maximum convenience. “This really isn’t to prevent an infection,” he said. “It’s if you have an open wound that’s draining.”


Dr. Lisa Masterson said this helps to keep a wound dry after surgery, which is critical in avoiding post-surgical infections and complications.

The Doctors: Enlarged Prostate

As a natural part of aging, most men will develop an Enlarged Prostate, according to Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz. The prostate is a tunnel for urine between the bladder and urethra. Dr. Spitz explained that an enlarged prostate can make it more difficult for urine to flow.

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The Drs TV: Green Light Laser Surgery For Enlarged Prostate

Dr. Spitz and his partner, Dr. Moses Kim, used a special telescope to get inside a patient’s urethra. Then they used the Green Light Laser and cooling irrigation fluid to help restore the urine flow through the patient’s prostate.

“This is really a great technological advance, because there is less collateral damage to the tissue there,” Dr. Andrew said.

Green Light Laser Enlarged Prostate Surgery Results

You could actually see the Prostate opening up as the laser cut a path to provide relief for the patient. There is so much lasers can do these days, which is leading to many amazing advancements in medicine.

Dr. Travis Stork reported that the patient featured in the Green Light Laser Surgery is doing well after surgery. He said this treatment is 90% effective for Benign Enlarged Prostates.

How Enlarged Prostate Affects Urination

Using an animation, The Doctors explained how an enlarged prostate obstructs the flow of urine, leading to a variety of problems, including frequent nighttime urination. Complete obstruction can cause complications including pain and urinary tract infections.

“It’s one of the most painful things ever when a patient comes in with a bladder that is just unable to be emptied,” Dr. Travis said.

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