The Drs: Phthalates In Cleaning Products & Vitamin C Common Cold Myths


The Doctors: Colds & Cleaning

Are you doing the wrong thing when it comes to your health? Find out all the wrong ways we treat the common cold, and check out The Doctors healthy alternatives to household cleaners, so you can avoid excessive exposure to harmful Phthalates in Cleaning Products.

The Drs: Vitamin C Vs Antibiotics for Colds

In a barren condo, Dr Travis wore a blue bathrobe and did his best acting as the victim of a common cold, showing off more chest hair than he usually flashes in his scrub top. He wanted to explain common cold myths, and I guess he needed to act them out to do so.


Do you take Vitamin C for a cold? Dozens of clinical trials have concluded this is an ineffective treatment for cold symptoms, because it doesn’t shorten a cold or fight symptoms. Taking more than 2 g Vitamin C daily can cause gastrointestinal side effects like Diarrhea, Nausea, Cramps and more.

Phthalates in Cleaning Products: The Doctors

The Doctors talked about the health dangers of Phthalates in Cleaning Products and how to avoid them.

Orange Juice, Broccoli, Peppers, and Strawberries are all preferred natural source of Vitamin C. Women need about 75 mg Vitamin C daily, while the recommended dosage for men is 90 mg.


Antibiotics are another ineffective cold treatment. They cause more side effects than relief, and they can’t actually kill that cold virus anyway. “The only thing that’s going to cure your cold is time,” Dr Travis said.

The Doctors: Hot Toddy for Colds

Alcohol may provide the illusion of temporary relief, but it can also dehydrate you and weaken your immune system. “Instead of liquor, hot tea,” Dr Travis suggested. It has antioxidants and it’s soothing. Adding honey could help suppress a cough.

As for fevers, this is a natural way the body fights infection. Don’t take a cold shower, and don’t starve yourself of needed nutrients. If your fever is 101 F or above, it’s time to consult with a doctor because your symptoms have progressed.

Back in the studio, Dr Travis added that cold supplements can also have unwanted side effects. “Too much of almost anything in our bodies can be harmful,” he said.

The Drs: Phthalates in Cleaning Products Symptoms

Germs could actually be healthy for you. With opportunities to sanitize every surface, we may think we’re cleaner and healthier than ever. But recent research suggests that lack of exposure to germs could increase your risk of Obesity, ADHD, and Fertility issues.

What can you do to keep it clean without putting yourself or your family at risk? The components called Phthalates in cleaning products can penetrate the body system, leading to unwanted side effects. Dr Andrew Ordon said that 75% of Americans will test positive for these compounds.

Phthalates can mimic hormones and throw your body’s systems out of whack. Dr Lisa recommended that pregnant women especially should take precautions with cleaning products, wearing a mask and gloves, and making sure the area is well ventilated when chemicals are being used.

The Doctors Healthy Cleaning Kit

You can skip the Phthalates in cleaning products altogether by going with products highlighted in The Doctors Healthy Cleaning Kit. Natural cleaning products you can use around the house include:

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Baking Soda


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