The Drs: Parents Of American Student Killed In Paris Attacks


The Doctors: American Student Killed In Paris Attacks

As The Doctors stated, last week ISIS continued their frightening reign of terror. The attacks in Paris killed 129 people in six different locations. The downing of a Russian passenger plane, claiming 224 lives, as well as the Beirut suicide bombing that killed 43 were also linked to ISIS. France’s President Hollande stated “Terrorism will not destroy France, because France will destroy it.” The attacks have raised security and fears worldwide, so how can we deal with the fear and anxiety, and talk to our children about these events?


Among the victims killed in the Paris attacks was a Southern California student at Cal State Long Beach. She was taking part in a semester abroad program at a design college in Paris. Her high school held a vigil in her honor. Her community has come together to grieve and help everyone get through the hard times.

The Drs: Parents Of American Student Killed In Paris Attacks

The Doctors sat down with the parents of the young American student who was killed during the Paris terror attacks. (rvoegtli / Flickr)

Nohemi’s mother and step-father joined the show, as The Doctors shared their condolences. Beatriz, Nohemi’s mom, said she wants everyone to know that her daughter was a strong role model for Latino people. She wants them to remember Nohemi as a strong young woman who achieved everything that she put her mind to.


The Doctors: Parents Grieving After Terror Attacks

Joe, Nohemi’s step-dad, said they were immediately worried upon hearing about the attacks, and were praying that their daughter was at home, rather than anywhere near the attacks. Beatriz said they’re trying to have faith, turning to each other and their friends and family. She said she tries to keep her mind occupied, and hasn’t stopped working. She said God is the one keeping them going.

The Doctors: Talking To Your Kids About Tragedies

The Doctors welcomed therapist Stacy Kaiser who offered to help Beatriz and Joe after the show. Stacy said “I want you to know, there’s something healing in telling your story and talking about your daughter.” She said part of the grief process is talking about her and about how proud they are of her. It’s also important that they surround themselves with people who love them and care about them, rather than isolating themselves. Stacy complimented them on welcoming the community that has been helping them.

Stacy said it’s a reaction for a lot of people facing a tragedy, to want to sort-of brush it under the rug, and that’s okay for certain periods of time, but you need to let your emotions out. It’s okay to sit on your bed and cry as much as you need to cry. But what about handling children in a situation like this?

Stacy said it’s a hard conversation to have, but an important one. We need to talk to our children in an age-appropriate way. Stacy recommends that kids under 12 not watch the news, but it’s important to understand your kids. You know they will talk about it at school with their friends, so you want them alert, but not afraid. It’s important to go on with our lives, and to let our children know that.

Have you had the tough conversation with your children yet?


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