The Drs: Nose Vein Laser Treatment | Varicose Vein Blood Clot Risk


The Drs: Nasal Veins & Varicose Veins

You probably don’t think about all the veins that are running through your body. It’s one of the many anatomical elements we take for granted, until there is a problem such as a Pulmonary Embolism. The Doctors also looked at Varicose Veins, which primarily occur in the legs, and demonstrated a new nose vein laser treatment for cosmetic relief.

The Doctors: Varicose Veins & Blood Clots

Nose Vein Laser Treatment: The Drs

The Doctors shared how Nose Vein Laser Treatment can improve the look of unsightly facial veins and prevent the problem from worsening.


Melissa from Kansas wrote to the show with questions about her Varicose Veins. She has heard that Varicose Veins could be a warning sign of more serious health problems. She hoped The Doctors could clear this up for her.

A Varicose Vein forms when blood pools in veins in your legs, causing ballooning or puffiness. Most of the time, they are simply a cosmetic nuisance. But if you notice redness, swelling, or tenderness, Dr Jim Sears said you may want to get checked out for a blood clot.

The Drs: Nose Vein Laser Treatment

From the legs to the face, there are veins all over our bodies. One woman is concerned about the noticeable veins in her nose. She was embarrassed by the look of them, and wanted to know how she could fix them.


The Doctors brought Tonya to their procedure room, where Dr Andrew Ordon and cosmetic surgeon Dr Raffy Karamanoukian.

They used a laser beam to target veins without damaging the surrounding anatomy. Tonya said the process didn’t hurt, and Dr Raffy used quick pulses of laser light to clear up the veins. He said skin redness would clear up within 45 minutes, making this a quick cure for an unsightly problem.

The Doctors: Nose Vein Laser Treatment Results

If it’s really that easy, no one should ever have to be concerned about nose veins again. Since these veins can recur, multiple treatments may be required over time to provide lasting results. Though they will likely come back, treating them helps keep them under control and prevents them from getting increasingly worse.

Before and after photos clearly showed that Tonya’s veins had disappeared, so I guess it really works. This is one to ask your cosmetic surgeon about if you have a similar problem.


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