The Drs: Non-Alcoholic Beer & Breast Milk | Freezing Breast Milk


The Doctors: Breast Milk Pumps

Erin has been breastfeeding every two to three hours while on maternity leave. Now that she’s about to return to work, she wanted tips on how to store her breast milk.

Dr. Jim Sears said you can store Breast Milk in any refrigerator, because it’s not considered a biohazard like other bodily fluids. But you may want to keep it in a bag or other container in the refrigerator, so it’s not sitting out for coworkers to see.


The Doctors NA Beer

You can actually store frozen breast milk for up to a year, and non-alcoholic beer may help you produce more of it.

The Drs TV: Electric Vs Manual Breast Pumps

Dr. Lisa Masterson recommended getting a breast pump, so you can pump throughout the day while at work. Manual and Electric Breast Pumps are available.

The Doctors said Electric Pumps are worth the investment. Breast infections can develop if you don’t get the breast milk out of your breasts.


The Doctors: How Long Can You Store Breast Milk

Dr. Jim said if you don’t have a refrigerator in your office or workplace, you can alternately store pumped Breast Milk in a cooler with ice, for up to 24 hours. At room temperature, Breast Milk will stay good for four to six hours.

The Drs: Freezing Breast Milk

In the refrigerator, Breast Milk will stay fresh for up to eight days, but ideally you don’t want to store it for longer than about two or three days. If the Breast Milk separates while in the refrigerator, just shake it up before using it.

Breast Milk can be stored in the freezer for six to 12 months, so you can build up a long-lasting supply. You shouldn’t re-freeze unfinished breast milk after a baby has started drinking a bottle.

The Drs: Non-Alcoholic Beer Produces More Breast Milk

Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer can actually help you produce more breast milk. “There’s a Polysaccharide in the barley that actually boosts your prolactin levels, which is the hormone that helps you produce milk,” Dr. Jim Sears said.

He said you should continue to pump your breasts until they are empty. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach during breast feeding, because it can also lead to breast infections. The Doctors recommend giving Breast Milk to your baby for as long as you can.


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