The Drs: Next Generation Condom & Cory the Crisis Penguin for Newtown


The Doctors: Next Generation Condom

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has created an initiative for inventors to come up the next generation condom. They are asking for a condom that will enhance pleasure without decreasing efficiency and they are offering a $100,000 prize for the best condom.

The Drs: Next Generation Condom & Cory the Crisis Penguin for Newtown

The Doctors looked at one of the top contenders for the next generation condom and they looked at how Cory the Crisis Penguin has been helping Newtown kids.


Origami Condoms In Running For Next Generation Condom

One of the companies in the running for the prize is Origami Condom. Ray Chavez, the Director of Operations, said the condom they have come up with is made with silicone, has a sort of accordion design and it actually enhances sensitivity.

Daniel Resnic, founder of the company, said they wanted to change how the condom works. They wanted to get away from the rolled up condom and move towards a new design. He said condoms now take the fluidicity out of love making, which he called a “fluid environment.” He believes his condom allows movement for the member while creating enhanced sensations.

The Doctors seemed pretty impressed by the condom, noting the need for a new condom. Dr. Andrew Ordon pointed out that over 15 billion condoms are made every single year but only about 750,000 of those are even sold.


Although the Origami Condom is not out yet, it should be hitting shelves in 2014. Check out the video below to see what it looks like.

Angels In Waiting’s Newtown Initiative

Linda West-Conforti was featured on The Doctors before when she talked about her nonprofit Angels in Waiting, but today she is on the show to talk about the unique way she has been able to help the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.

She said the moment she heard about the shooting she called a social worker in the area and told her about Cory the Crisis Penguin, a therapeutic doll that provides emotional support to these young children during such a tough time in their lives.

West-Conforti said what is unique about the penguin is that it has a secret pouch where children can write down their fears and then place it inside the pouch. What they found was that many children were scared for their friends, asking where they were. To help them learn about what had happened, West-Conforti said she began adding notes into the penguins which read, “Where are my friends at? They frolic with the angels all day and twinkle with the the stars all night.”

“What we wanted to do is give them something abstract and something concrete,” West-Conforti said.

Impact Therapeutic Doll Has Had In Newtown

The Doctors talked with one mother whose daughter was at Sandy Hook Elementary the day of the shooting. The mother, Adele, said she gave the penguin to her daughter and told her to write down her fears and put it in the pouch. After she did her mother read the fears and talked with daughter about them. She said it helped her daughter get out her feelings without having to verbalize them and it works wonders on making her daughter feel better.


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