The Drs: Million Dollar Healthy Home Sweepstakes & Electrolux Review


The Doctors: Million Dollar Healthy Home Sweepstakes

The Doctors shared another update about their Million Dollar Healthy Home Sweepstakes. Dr. Jennifer Berman was on the scene to show the house.

The Doctors: Electrolux Washer and Dryer Review

The Drs: Million Dollar Healthy Home Sweepstakes & Electrolux Review

The Doctors shared some insight into their Million Dollar Healthy Home Sweepstakes and Dr. Jennifer Berman gave a tour of all the great appliances inside. ([email protected] / flickr)


The healthy home has the Electrolux washer and dryer, which are 75 percent more energy efficient than the average competitors. They also help to remove 99 percent of bacteria with the special sanitize setting, which is important because allergens can cause lots of issues for many people.

The Doctors: Lennox Air Conditioner Review

The new home also has the Lennox air conditioner, which was rated Energy Star’s Most Efficient in 2014. It helps dehumidify your home, letting you breathe much better. Humidity associated with cooling systems can also cause mold in the house.

The Doctors: GE Oven and Dishwasher Review

The kitchen is completely GE Energy Star qualified, giving you plenty of energy efficient appliances and very clean products. Studies show most people eat more outside the home than in the home.


But if you eat at home, you can save 137 calories per day, equating to 10 pounds per year. Dr. Berman said she’s intimidated by the kitchen normally, but these appliances made her excited about cooking.

The GE Oven doesn’t require any preheating, letting you save time and money on your bills. The GE dishwasher has a special steam prewash to eliminate the need for prerinsing. It also has a food disposer that breaks downfood particles with ease.

The Doctors partnered with Lennar to make this home. The best part is that one of The Doctors’ viewers will win this home. If you’ve entered, your name will be announced on the show on The Doctors’s stage, so it’s important to keep watching the show.


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