The Drs: Migraine Natural Remedies | How To Check Blood Pressure


The Doctors: How To Check Blood Pressure

Did you know there is a right and wrong way to check your Blood Pressure? Dr. Travis Stork explained that you should never check your Blood Pressure while standing, because it can cause blood to pool in your legs, obscuring the results.

That is why you are supposed to monitor your blood pressure while sitting down, which also explains why those pharmacy Blood Pressure machines always come with a chair.


The Doctors: Blood Pressure

Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to check your blood pressure?

The Doctors: Ideal Blood Pressure

The Doctors explained that the ideal blood pressure is 120/80. The first number in a reading is your Systolic Blood Pressure, and it should be larger than the second number in your reading, which is the Diastolic Blood Pressure. Here is a basic guide to what your blood pressure reading means.

  • 120/80 – Normal
  • Above 120/80 to140/90 – Pre-Hypertension
  • Between 140/90 and 160/100 – Stage 1 Hypertension
  • Above 160/100 – Stage 2 Hypertension

If your blood pressure is not in the normal range, you should consult a doctor for help getting it under control. The Doctors also reminded you to use the right size Blood Pressure cuff for your arm.


The Doctors: Migraines Natural Remedies

A viewer named Rachel said she frequently suffers from Migraine Headaches, but she does not like to take medication. She wanted to know if there are natural ways to alleviate her pain and symptoms, so she doesn’t have to turn to pills.

Dr. Travis explained that Migraine Headaches are believed to be caused by Dilated Blood Vessels near the brain. This causes throbbing, debilitating pain and related symptoms.

But research shows that some body positions can release the stress and discomfort associated with these chronic headaches.

Migraine Relief: Three Rs

Neurologist Dr. Alan Rapoport shared some of his drug-free advice for battling Migraines.

He suggested the three Rs for Migraine Relief:

  • Run It Out. Dr. Rapoport said jogging will raise your heart rate and manage your weight. Did you know that weight gain can increase the frequency of migraines?
  • Rubber Neck It. He also recommended doing exercises to work your neck and shoulder muscles, which will reduce the tension in these areas and alleviate your symptoms.
  • Relax. Dr. Rapoport said the best position to be in when fighting a migraine is with your head elevated slightly above the heart and spine. Being comfortable can help prevent your symptoms from escalating.

Migraines & Biofeedback Training

Dr. Rapoport also suggested relaxation techniques such as Biofeedback Training, which can help you calm your mind and get relief. Read more about Biofeedback Treatments.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that some sufferers report darkness also helps them fight their migraines. “Taking a nap can cure them too,” Dr. Jim Sears said.


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