The Drs: Michael Jackson’s Overdose & Gyro Stim For Concussion


Dr. Travis Stork: How To Tell If You’ve Cut An Artery

How would you know if you cut an artery? I’m guessing there would be a lot of blood. Lacerating an artery could cause you to die from blood loss.

Dr. Travis Stork said you will see blood spurting out of the wound every time your heart beats. You should locate the source of the pulsing blood and apply direct pressure. Call 911 and don’t remove pressure until EMS arrives.


The Drs: Anesthesia Overdose Warnings

The dangers of anesthesia overdose were illustrated in the Michael Jackson case, and are preventable.

The Doctors TV: Michael Jackson’s Death

Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of causing Michael Jackson’s death due to an overdose of Propofol. Anesthesiologist Dr. Barry Friedberg, author of Getting Over Going Under, and audience member Jessica joined The Doctors onstage to talk about what we can learn from Michael Jackson’s death.

The Doctors: Anesthesia Overdose

Dr. Barry Friedberg said that Michael Jackson is the most famous of many Americans who die from anesthesia over-medication, which can be easily prevented using a common sensor. That sensor is connected to a monitor that tells doctors how a patient’s organ, such as the brain, is responding to medication.


Dr. Barry Friedberg attached the sensor to Jessica and explained that there can be a 60-fold variation in how individuals respond to a medication or dosage. But using this common technology takes the guesswork out of anesthesia and lets doctors constantly monitor how a patient’s brain is responding.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that about one person dies each day from this type of overdose, out of millions who are receiving anesthesia in a given day.

The Doctors: Gyro Stim Balance Treatment For Concussion Victims

A mom in Idaho said her son recently suffered a concussion while playing ice hockey. She asked the doctors for suggestions to improve his balance so he can get back in the game.

Dr. Travis Stork said there is a new therapy developed in Georgia. The developer of this technique is Dr. Frederick Carrick, a chiropractor, who shared his input via telephone.

Dr. Carrick said they make a computerized model of the patient’s posture, then use a rotating chair that has a full range of motion, called Gyro Stim. It was originally developed to treat cerebral palsy.

Brennan from Marietta, Georgia, joined The Doctors via satellite to talk about his experiences with the treatment. He said his symptoms improved almost instantly with they Gyro Stim treatment.


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