The Drs: MGM Grand Stay-Well Rooms & 88-Year-Old Dancing Grandma Video


The Doctors: 88-Year-Old Still Loves to Dance

After watching the video below of an 88-year-old woman who loves to dance, The Doctors knew they needed to start taking as good of care of themselves as they could if they want to keep moving like she does.

Can you believe this video has been seen by over two million people on YouTube?


Breakdancing Lessons From Lil Demon and Bailrok

The video of the old woman dancing must have inspired The Doctors to bring on their next guests, the breakdancing team of Anjelo “Lil Demon,” 11, and Bailey “Bailrok,” 12, who showed The Doctors how to cut a rug.

Both of the kids told The Doctors they have been dancing for four and six years and their hard work is always starting to pay off. They have had the chance to work with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars because of their dancing skills.


Check out their dance moves in the video below.

The Doctors love a little competition so they pitted Dr. Jim Sears, AKA Jimbo Rock, and Dr. Lisa Masterson, AKA Gynomite, against each other in a dance off. The kids taught them a few breakdancing moves, like the top rock and the freeze, but both of them forget the moves the moment they started battling. Let’s just say these doctors are not too good at dancing.

MGM Grand Stay-Well Rooms For Health Conscious Guests

The Drs: MGM Grand Stay-Well Rooms & 88-Year-Old Dancing Grandma Video

Dr. Jim Sears had the chance to spend the night in the MGM Grand’s new stay-well rooms and they watched a video of an 88-year-old woman dancing.

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of gambling. Well, in the future you might think of Las Vegas and immediately think about the stay-well rooms at the MGM Grand.

Dr. Jim Sears headed to Vegas to check out the new rooms and found them to be quite luxurious. All of the stay-well rooms boasted LED lights to illuminate the bath from the bed to the bathroom at night without disturbing your melatonin levels. The room also came equipped with a mini bar stocked full of healthy snacks, a dawn simulator alarm clock to help you wake up more naturally and vitamin C-enriched water in the shower to promote healthy skin and hair.

Check out the video below to see what the room looked like.


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