The Drs: Men Vs Women Insurance Premiums & Kids Anti-Obesity Ads


The Doctors: Strong4Life Child Obesity Ads

Dr. Travis Stork said one state is tackling childhood obesity with a new ad campaign. It features overweight children talking about the health and social challenges they face because of their physical problems. It’s called the Strong4Life Campaign, and it’s based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Watch an ad from the campaign:


Dr. Jim Sears said the message is powerful, but could be misinterpreted as shaming overweight kids. Dr. Andrew Ordon called it moving. Dr. Lisa Masterson said it calls on parents to take responsibility for their children’s diet and health.

The Drs TV: Child Obesity

The Drs: Childhood Obesity

The Doctors shared a controversial ad campaign dealing with the childhood obesity epidemic.

Dr. Jim said kids don’t understand how junk food affects their biology. Dr. Travis said, “It’s our job as adults to help fix this problem. A child does not know the consequences of their actions.” It’s a radical approach, but with the ever-growing obesity epidemic in America, maybe drastic measures are the way to get people’s attention.


Dr. Travis said it’s important to offer solutions to families so they can work toward making better choices and decisions. Dr. Jim said he tries to put a positive spin on advice he gives to his patients instead of presenting things in a negative light.

You can learn more about Strong4Life at

The Doctors: Women Vs Men Health Insurance Costs

According to news reports, women pay 84% more for health insurance than men. It’s because women take advantage of medical services more often than men, because they’re seeking medical attention at younger ages. This can lead to catching medical issues earlier, which allows for prevention or early detection of many diseases and conditions, which can save insurance companies in the long run.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said she agreed with the analysis in the news report, that by catching or treating problems early, patients are saving their insurance companies from paying for emergencies or more drastic procedures down the line.

The Doctors: Childbirth Insurance Premiums

Dr. Andrew Ordon said insurance should be a level playing field. But the costs of childbirth and associated care can add up. Dr. Travis Stork explained that the private health insurance industry is out to make a profit. They charge rates based on what they determine they need to bring in to make money, he said.

Dr. Lisa expressed again that in terms of profit, prevention is more cost-effective than late detection and expensive emergency treatments or complications.

Insurance Premiums: Risk Factors

Dr. Andrew Ordon said age can affect health premiums. Also, children with congenital problems also face higher insurance rates. Dr. Travis raised the question of whether the insurance industry should be profit-driven.

With ongoing efforts for legislative health care reform, this is a topic that will continue to be in the news in our country in years to come. What do you think? Should insurance companies be out to make a profit? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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