The Drs: Male Chastity Device Dangers & Male Member Shrinks with Age?


The Doctors: Male Chastity Device Review

A man wrote into The Doctors saying he wanted to spice up his love life and he was thinking about trying a male chastity device but he wanted to know if it was safe before he bought one.

The Drs: Male Chastity Device Dangers & Male Member Shrinks with Age?

The Doctors went over the dangers of wearing a male chastity device and they also debunked the myth that the male member shrinks with age.


Since The Doctors had never heard of a male chastity service they called on the help of urologist, Dr. Dudley Danoff.

“The idea of a chastity box is ridiculous,” was the first thing Dr. Danoff said he stepped on stage.

While they were not allowed to show what the device looked like on television, Dr. Danoff said it is essentially a device that fits around a man’s private parts and is then locked. The only way to open the device is with the key which means the man can not pleasure himself unless someone else unlocks him.


Dangers of a Male Chastity Device

Dr. Danoff said this type of device can be very dangerous because the male member changes shape often throughout the day. He explained that every male gets an erection at night meaning if you put the male chastity device on before bed you might wake up with a damaged membrane with scrotal bruising or even priapism.

“This is crazy. Forget it. There are better ways,” said Dr. Danoff.

Does the Male Member Shrink with Age?

Adam wrote into The Doctors with the following question:

Is it true your member shrinks with age or is that just someone’s idea of a bad joke?

Good news for men. Dr. Danoff said men do not shrink with age. Why people think it is true is because less blood is flowing to the member meaning it can not get as erect as it used to be. The decreased blood flow may make it seem smaller but that is not the case.

Dr. Danoff said all it takes to keep the member working in peak condition is taking care of your body. The better your cardiovascular health, the better your body is going to work for you.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how your can keep your body working vigorously for you.


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