The Drs: Lotus Birthing Benefits & Andrew Ordon Allergy Fighting Tips


The Doctors: Benefits Of Lotus Birthing

Have you ever heard of lotus birthing? It is a new at-home birthing trend that has many people asking whether or not it is safe for the mother and the child.

The Drs: Lotus Birthing Benefits & Andrew Ordon Allergy Fighting Tips

The Doctors looked at the controversial at-home birthing trend called lotus birthing and Dr. Andrew Ordon shared his allergy fighting tips.


Many people believe lotus birthing is safe for the mother and child because it is an all-natural birthing process where the mother keeps the umbilical cord attached to the baby until it falls off naturally. Proponents of lotus birthing say keeping the umbilical cord attached to the child is essential to the health of the baby because it allows a complete transfer of the placental blood into the baby.

Dr. Lisa Masterson did not agree with the birthing method saying even in nature the mother will bite off the umbilical cord of her babies. She said the umbilical cord only needs to be attached for three minutes before it begins to dry up and the nutrients are unnecessary. Plus, leaving the umbilical cord attached could cause an infection in the placenta.

While many people say lotus birthing gives the child the most nutrients, Dr. Jim Sears said he has seen babies that have too many nutrients when they are born, meaning lotus birthing may not be the best choice.


Kimberly Douglas Debating Lotus Birthing Plan

Kimberly Douglas, an expectant mother from Florida, called into The Doctors saying she was considering lotus birthing because she wants to have an at-home birth. She explained further she wanted her grandmother to cut the umbilical cord of her child just as she had done for her mother, but the grandmother was a bit hesitant saying when she cut an umbilical cord the first time, she felt as if she was hurting the baby.

Would you ever consider a lotus birth?

Dr Andrew Ordon’s Allergy Fighting Advice

Allergy season is upon us and for the 35 million Americans who suffer from allergies, it means trying everything they can to avoid allergy flare ups. According to The Doctors, the number two reason people call off work is because of allergies.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said a short, light winter mixed with increased temperateness, heavy winds and an early spring have made for one terrible allergy season but he has some tips for beating the pollen.

  • Stay indoors during peak pollen times.
  • When your allergies flare up, take a shower and wash your clothes.
  • Only dry clothes indoors to keep pollen out of the house.

After Effects Of a Cold – Smelly Nose

One young viewer wrote into The Doctors saying she just got over a bad cold but she is worried for her health still because the breath from her nose really stinks.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained the nose will create more mucus when you are sick. When you try to breathe through your nose when sick, your mucus becomes dried out and starts to smell bad. He suggested everyone be vigilant in cleaning out their nostrils to stop the mucus from smelling.

For children with a smelly nose after a cold or the flu, Dr. Jim Sears suggested checking the child’s nose for something lodged inside. Kids love putting stuff in their noses.


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