The Drs: LINX Reflux Management System for Heartburn & Tortle Review


The Doctors: 60 Million Americans Suffer From Heartburn

The Drs: LINX Reflux Management System for Heartburn & Tortle Review

The Doctors checked out how the LINX Reflux Management System has been helping heartburn sufferers, and the Tortle stops flat head syndrome in infants.

The Doctors said over 60 million people in America suffer from heartburn. While most of those people suffer from slight heartburn that can treated by taking some forms of medication or changing their lifestyle, some heartburn suffers have severe heartburn.


Whether your heartburn is severe or not, The Doctors said it is important to take care of the matter in a timely fashion because heartburn can lead to esophageal cancer. However, even if you are taking medication to stop heartburn, a new study has shown most people are taking the medication for too long.

In a study of 1,600 patients taking heartburn medication, after two years researchers found almost all of the patients still taking the medication, which was supposed to only be taken for eight weeks. Dr. Andrew Ordon said taking too much heartburn medication is not good for your health. It can lead to vitamin deficiencies, weak bones and a higher risk of clostridium difficile.


The Drs: LINX Reflux Management System

For people who are suffering some severe heartburn, like Tod, more extreme measures than typical medications must be looked at. One of the most successful ways doctors have been able to help patients with heartburn is by implanting the LINX Reflux Management System inside a person.

The LINX is essentially a one way valve that is tied around the esophagus and does not allow acid reflux to travel up the esophagus which can cause more damage.

You can check out how the LINX system was implanted into Tod by watching the video below.

The Doctors: Tortle Stops Flat Head Syndrome

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all babies sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. However, due to the child’s soft head after birth, always sleeping in the same position can cause positional plagiocephaly, also know as flat head syndrome.

Dr. Jim Sears explained that flat head syndrome is a condition where the side of the child’s head becomes misshapen. He continued by saying it is a problem many parents are facing with one in every four children suffering from flat head syndrome.

Dr. Jane Scott came up a solution to the problem. The Tortle is an FDA-cleared knit device with a re-positioning roll on the back. Bascially, the Tortle is a beanie with a support for the head.


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