The Drs: Karezza Love Making Technique & Terrible Celebrity Hygiene


The Doctors: What Is Karezza?

Delayed gratification is the key to a healthy lifestyle but sometimes never reaching the gratification can be worse for your health than overindulging. For some couples, the choice to never reach the end of love making is something they say will bring them closer.

The Drs: Karezza Love Making Technique & Terrible Celebrity Hygiene

The Doctors talked about a new love making technique called karezza, a method where the couple tries to stop themselves from ever reaching the end.


Couples all around the country are practicing a 100-year-old bedroom technique called karezza, a method of love making that involved both partners stopping themselves before finishing.

Dr. Travis Stork said he read an article about karezza where a man seemed disappointing in himself for finishing but Dr. Stork pointed out that medically, it is important to “clean out the pipes.”

Dr. Rachael Ross said she will use a technique similar to this with her patients who have intimacy issues. She teaches the couples how to touch and arouse each other to the point of heightened excitement but without reaching the end. She would never make them do it for a long time though.


Dr. Jennifer Berman noted that the Kama Sutra is about withholding and building your excitement but there is always some sort of release at the end.

Dr. Stork believed the real take away from this story is that “the moment” is not always what should be focused on. We should focus on the journey of love making and appreciate the person we are with because they will be there for a lot longer than “the moment” will.

Dr. Berman also pointed out that finishing has been shown to lower risk of prostate cancer and help with the health of the prostate.

Celebrity Hygiene Issues

You would think celebrities would have very good hygiene since they are in the public eye all the time but for some celebrities, it seems hygiene is something they don’t normally think about.

  • Snooki – She uses cat litter to exfoliate her skin.
  • Robert Pattinson – He said he doesn’t see the point in washing his hair.
  • Megan Fox – She always forgets to flush the toilet.

Combating Common Hygiene Issues

While some hygiene issues may not affect you medically speaking, some can take quite a toll on the body.

Dr. Stork believes we live in an overly clean society and there is no need to shower every single day. He said he has gone a few days without showering before and he doesn’t smell really bad. He believes what men are most afraid of, and the reason they shower so often, is because they do not want to be shunned by women who shower more often.

While showering every day didn’t seem to be a big deal to The Doctors, Dr. Karent Sierra said brushing your teeth every single day is very important for overall health. Studies have linked plaque and gum disease to heart disease and poor overall health.

But sometimes we forget to do the simplest hygiene. Dr. Sierra said if you forgot to brush your teeth and you have somewhere to go, start chewing some sugar free gum to start saliva production and to cleanse the mouth a little.


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