The Drs: Jump Snap, USA Jumpstars & OTC Medication Dangers


The Doctors: Jump Snap Ropeless Jump Rope

Dr. Travis Stork said a popular childhood game can help you burn over 600 calories in 30 minutes. As kids on playgrounds everywhere have learned, Jumping Rope is great exercise. But since not everyone is coordinated enough to clear the rope or keep it going for a long time, there is a new product that can make it easier for us.

Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Travis Stork demonstrated the new Jump Snap, which is Jumping Rope without the rope. This is a device that counts your jumps and counts your calories, without tripping you up.


The Drs: USA Jumpstars

The Doctors Double Dutch With USA Jumpstars

The Doctors tried out Jump Snap ropeless jump ropes & saw a Double Dutch performance.

The Doctors introduced the Panthers, who showed off their Double Dutch moves for the audience. Melinda, the USA Jumpstars coach, said Double Dutch is just about getting a good rhythm going. She taught Dr. Lisa & Dr. Travis how to Double Dutch. She said the trick is to jump as you would normally, and ignore the rope. That is what trips people up.

Everyone in the studio audience received their own Jump Snap. You can find Jump Snap for yourself at


Dr. Travis Stork: OTC Medications Do’s & Dont’s

Ruth from Texas said she is on multiple medications from various doctors for her medical conditions. She wondered if this is OK.

CVS pharmacist Usheema Thomas said that this situation could pose risks for drug interactions, because your various doctors may not know what your other specialists are prescribing. She said a pharmacist is in a good position to see the whole picture of your medications.

A pharmacist who sees all the medications you are taking can be on the lookout for dangerous interactions or things that may cause one of your drugs to become ineffective.

Over The Counter medicines can cause problems as well. Dr. Travis Stork said Over The Counter antihistamines can make you drowsy. But if you are taking another prescription medication that has sedative effects, this can cause even more problems.

Usheema Thomas said this is a reason why it is important to keep your prescriptions at one pharmacy, and be sure to talk to your pharmacist about any questions you have regarding OTC medications.

What Happens If You Don’t Refill Prescription Medications

George from Los Angeles has high blood pressure and complains that his medications cost too much, so he doesn’t refill them all. He wondered about the dangers of this.

Dr. Travis Stork said high blood pressure may not pose symptoms, and since you can’t always feel it, you won’t know if something is going wrong. If you stop taking prescribed medicines, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and even heart attacks or strokes.

Usheema Thomas said a heart attack or stroke is going to be much more expensive than prescription refills. She added that one in three people stop taking a new prescription before they refill it, because of the cost. She suggested talking to your pharmacist to see if there is a less expensive generic alternative. Pharmacists want to help you save money and get the most out of your medications and insurance.

Dr. Travis Stork said multiple medicines can be confusing, but not taking them properly can make your illnesses worse. Usheema Thomas said 50% of people don’t take their medicines as directed. Following the instructions is important.

Pharmacies like CVS have a nationwide database, so you can even get your prescriptions if you are traveling. Usheema Thomas gave everyone in the studio audience a CVS Pharmacy gift card.

Dr. Travis Stork: Smart Food Ordering

Today’s show was about weight loss. Dr. Travis Stork said simple decisions throughout the day, such as getting whole grain bread or getting a smaller portion size, can add up to making a big difference over time. He said to pay attention when you order your food.


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