The Drs: Instagram’s Hottest Doctor + Dangerous Foul Balls


The Doctors: Hottest Doctor On Instagram

The Doctors introduced Doctor Mike, a second year resident in New York studying medicine. He is being hailed the hottest doctor on Instagram. Dr Mike claims he’s a lot more than a pretty face so he’s using his Instagram to inspire others. The Doctors welcomed Dr Mike to their show and it may have been slightly overwhelming for some women to have both him and Dr Travis on the show. Mike shared that he was “most definitely single and looking.”


The Doctors: Russian Immigrant Turned Doctor

The Drs: Instagram's Hottest Doctor + Dangerous Foul Balls

The ladies in the audience were fired up as The Doctors welcomed the hottest doctor on Instagram to their show. (neccorp / Flickr)

Dr Mike explained that he moved to the United States from Russia when he was 6-years-old. His father was a physician in Russia and when they moved here, they were very poor and had a hard time finding jobs. When he told his dad about the attention he was getting, his told told him to finish his residency and then call in two years for the interviews. He’s doing family practice residency so he has one more year in residency and then he’s looking to pursue a sports medicine fellowship.


As for the Ferrari, he explained that it was actually a rental because he loves cars, but he certainly doesn’t have enough to pay for it himself. Dr Drew Ordon joked that he wanted to be his wing man and go out in the Ferrari with him. The Doctors then wanted to play little game with Dr Mike called Sedate or Resuscitate, where they name a trend and he decides whether he would sedate or resuscitate it, basically whether he likes it or not.

The Doctors: “Sedate Or Resuscitate” Popular Trends

First, how does Dr Mike feel about naked dresses that show off everything? Dr Mike said “when it’s done tastefully, I’ll resuscitate it.” He said mystery is a big part of the ball game and it can be maintained while showing off your body a little bit, in a tasteful way. So what about fake eyelashes? Dr Mike voted to sedate because women tend to go overboard with it. Lastly, what about “man-scaping” or men waxing their chests. Mike said he would resuscitate, explaining that he would go with moderate grooming over being completely hair-free.

The Doctors: Dangerous Foul Balls

The Doctors then moved on to discuss baseball, questioning whether it could be becoming too dangerous for fans. A recent Bloomberg study found that foul ball injuries occur 1,750 fans at MLB games per year. In Chicago, a 2-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull after being hit with a homerun ball, while a woman was carried off in a stretcher after being hit with a foul ball. There are 73,000 foul balls hit in a season and 53,000 end up in the stands going 100 miles an hour.

The Doctors: Protecting Baseball Fans From Foul Balls

All of the ball parks have nets behind home plate to protect those fans, but these injuries are occurring along the baselines and outfield lines. The suggested more nets to protect fans, but then realized that so many fans enjoy catching the foul balls. It’s the line drives that cause the problems and even the players don’t want their families sitting that close to the field.

The Doctors reached out to MLB and they responded by saying “MLB is actively studying and re-evaluating all issues pertaining to fan safety, comfort, and expectations. MLB’s ongoing process includes topics like additional netting and bat safety.”

Do you think there should be additional nets along the baselines at MLB stadiums to protect fans? How do you think the MLB should go about protecting its fans?


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