The Drs: Ian Ziering the Newest Chippendale & Dance Like a Chippendale


The Doctors: Ian Ziering the Newest Chippendale Dancer

You might best remember Ian Ziering from Beverly Hill 90210 or if you are a Dancing with the Stars fan you might remember him from season four of the show, where he came up just short of making it to the finals.

In lieu of it being TMI Tuesday, The Doctors found an embarrassing picture of Ziering where he has a Jheri curl mullet that is not his look. You can check out the photo in the video below.


The Drs: Ian Ziering the Newest Chippendale & Dance Like a Chippendale

Ian Ziering, from Beverly Hills 90210, stopped by The Doctors to talk about his move from TV to Chippendale and he showed them some erotic dance moves. (s_bukley /

“My hair’s shorter now. About 40,000 hairs shorter,” he joked.

But Ziering was not on the show to talk about his hair. He stopped by to talk about his new gig as a Chippendale. Being an actor, Ziering said you never know what is going to come your way.While he was proud of the movies he has done in the past and some of the movies he has coming out this year, he couldn’t turn down the Chippendale’s offer.


Chippendale’s Workout Regime for Ian Ziering

Ziering wasn’t completely positive he made the right decision though. He said the only thing he could think of when he got off the phone was the SNL skit with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley auditioning to be Chippendales.

He also said his body was not where he wanted it to be. Having a family has made him put them first, meaning he has neglected the gym quite a bit. Either way, he said he has kicked his workout regime into overdrive. His diet consists of more protein, less carbohydrates and a lot of different workouts that target fat burning.

“I stopped eating for the most part,” he joked.

Health Benefits of Dancing

Dr. Travis Stork pointed out Ian Ziering should be getting in shape pretty quickly with all the dancing the Chippendales do. Did you know dancing had a lot of unusual health benefits?

  • Burn over 500 calories
  • Helps balance
  • Helps coordination
  • Strengthens spacial awareness

How to Dance Like a Chippendale

Ziering already knows a thing or two about dancing from his days on Dancing with the Stars but I feel like he is going to be learning some more seductive moves when working with the Chippendales. He even brought a couple Chippendales with him to give Dr. Lisa Masterson a dance.

You can check out the dance moves in the video below.


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