The Drs: How to Prevent Armpit Dandruff & Belly Button Infections


The Doctors: How To Prevent Armpit Dandruff

The Drs: How to Prevent Armpit Dandruff & Belly Button Infections

The Doctors went over how to prevent armpit dandruff and they helped one person who couldn’t figure out why his belly button was continually itching.

Have you ever heard of armpit dandruff? It is an actual condition that affects a number of Americans.


Dr. Andrew Ordon said it could just be the type of deodorant they use causing the flakes to look like dandruff. So the first step is to check and make sure the “dandruff” isn’t just your deodorant. If it is dandruff, then Dr. Ordon said to treat it the same way you would dandruff on your head. Simply get some dandruff shampoo and rub it on your armpits before getting out of the shower.

To stop the dandruff from showing up again, Dr. Odron suggested getting new deodorant that is less drying and more moisturizing  He said the deodorant could be drying out the skin, clogging pores and clogging hair follicles which causes the dandruff.

Ross Mathews said he would just shave his armpits if he had armpit dandruff.


No Studies Have Shown Chemicals In Deodorant To Be Dangerous

Mathews wanted to know if the rumors he has heard about dandruff containing harmful chemicals were true but The Doctors said there are no studies proving the chemicals are harmful. However, Dr. Travis Stork said there are days when he does not wear deodorant because he doesn’t want his body covered in chemicals.

Itchy Belly Button Could Be an Infection

Danny wrote in to The Doctors complaining of an itchy belly button saying the itch kept getting worse and worse until finally it began to hurt and it began to smell. He wanted The Doctors to tell him what it could be.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said there are lot of different causes for the itch. Danny’s belly button could be infected with a bacterial infection, a fungal infection or a skin condition like plaque psoriasis. Each of these causes are treated differently. For a bacterial infection you will need Neosporin to get rid of the infection. For a fungal infection you need some anti-fungal cream. And for the psoriasis you will need some hydrocortisone cream.

How To Clean a Baby’s Belly Button

For baby belly buttons, Dr. Jim Sears made sure to point out doctors used to call for people to wash the belly button with alcohol but doctors are now saying that dries out the belly button too much. Instead, doctors are now calling for new parents to simply wash the belly button with water.


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