The Drs: How To Pop A Pimple & World’s Strongest Woman Kristen Rhodes


The Doctors: How to Safely Pop a Pimple

The Doctors showed a delightful video of one of the world’s largest pimples being popped. Dr. Travis Stork said that essentially, it was a large skin abscess. According to Dr. Andrew Ordon, zits pop up when sebaceous glands are blocked by dirt or mucus. Bacteria forms and it gets red and irritated.

The Doctors: Pop Pimples with Sterilized Needles and Q-Tips

The Drs: How To Pop A Pimple & World's Strongest Woman Kristen Rhodes

World’s Strongest Woman Kristen Rhodes excels at dead lifts and can handle up to 550 pounds.


To prevent scarring, you really need to drain it. Dr. Lisa Masterson was confused by this because she thought you weren’t supposed to pop pimples. Dr. Ordon said that since a zit is a large abscess, and to treat abscesses you drain them, it’s okay to pop pimples.

The safest way to pop a pimple is with a sterilized needle. You can use either rubbing alcohol or boiling water to sterilize your needle. You also want to sterilized your pimple and the area around it before popping.

Dr. Ordon said that you just want to make a tiny knick in it. The key to prevent scarring is to not use your fingernails to do it–try Q-tips instead.


The Doctors: Kristen Rhodes – World’s Strongest Woman

Women’s weight lifting is a growing trend, and it’s popularity has increased 14% from last year. Many women have began participating in strong woman competitions, where they have to lift hundreds of pounds at a time.

Dr. Jim Sears attempted to lift a bar with two tires on either end, and was unsuccessful until Drs. Stork and Ordon gave him a hand. Dr. Lisa Masterson told Jim that this was because they were men. She invited an audience member, Kristen, to the stage to give it a try. Kristen easily lifted the weight above her head.

Kristen turned out to be Kristen Rhodes, the four-time strongest woman winner and Guinness World Record holder. Rhodes, who has always lifted weights, said she got into the strong competitions after her husband started doing them. After winning her first competition, she fell in love with the sport, and has been undefeated for four years.

The Doctors: Dead Lifts and Posture with Kristen Rhodes

Rhodes added two more tires, weighting 70 pounds each, to the bar to demonstrate a dead lift. Her lift on the show weighted 300 pounds, but she can do up to 550. Dr. Sears tried the dead lift and failed.

Rhodes said that it’s very technique-oriented and you keep the bar close to your legs, your back straight and your shoulders tight. Dr. Stork said that even if you don’t plan to do dead lifts, you can learn something from Rhodes’ posture when you go to pick something up.


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