The Drs: Hot Tub Relieves Arthritis, Cramps & Restless Leg Syndrome


The Doctors: Hot Tub Helps Reduce Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

The Drs: Hot Tub Relieves Arthritis, Cramps & Restless Leg Syndrome

The Doctors sat four people in a hot tub to find out how well it helped reduce the symptoms of restless leg syndrome, sleeplessness, cramping and arthritis.

The Doctors set up a hot tub in their studio and asked four people, with four different illnesses, to sit in the hot tub to see if it helped reduce symptoms.


The first person they talked with was Dion who said he has restless leg syndrome. He said he has tried everything to make his legs be less restless but nothing has worked for him.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained restless leg syndrome means the person has an uncomfortable feeling their legs. He said the cause is unknown although experts believe it is caused by dopamine and the misfiring of nerves. The illness often occurs in pregnant women and in people with a family history of restless leg syndrome.

Dr. Ordon said the heat from the hot tub should relax Dion’s muscles, giving him some relief.


Heat Can Stop Severe Cramping In Women

Carrie told The Doctors she gets debilitating cramps when her period starts and nothing she has tried has been able to alleviate the pain.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said the heat from the hot tub should soothe her cramps. She suggested everyone with pain and without a hot tub use a heating pad or hot water bottles. Just place the heat near the uterus to increase the blood flow and decrease the pain.

She also recommended putting some heat on your stomach a day or two before the cramps start because some women get cramps even before they start their period.

Jason Can Not Relax Before Bed

Jason was in the hot tub because he said he has the hardest time falling asleep. He just can not get his brain to shut off and he does not want to take any pills.

Dr. Ordon said the heat from the hot tub should lower his stress from the day and when he gets out of the hot tub, his body will begin to cool, a sign from your body to your brain letting it know it’s bedtime.

Hot Tub Helps Relieve Arthritis

Louise said she has terrible arthritis but she does not want to take any medications her doctors has prescribed her.

The Doctors explained arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints. There are two types of arthritis, osteoarthritis which occurs from wear and tear on the body over the years and rheumatoid arthritis which causes inflammation of the lining around the joints.

Dr. Ordon said the heat from the hot tub should help with arthritis because the heat opens up blood vessels, thus relieving some of the pain.

Hot Tub Do’s and Don’ts

The Doctors want everyone to be safe when they are in the hot tub so they gave out these guidelines:

  • Only stay in the hot tub for 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Keep the temperature of the hot tub below 104 for adults and below 100 for kids.
  • Never get into a hot tub alone.
  • Do not drink alcohol in a hot tub.


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