The Drs: HIV Symptoms, At Home HIV Testing & Healthcare Point System


The Doctors: Symptoms Of HIV

Whitney has a long dating history of long term relationships but now that she is back in the dating game she is worried about starting another relationship. She is nervous about STDs and wants to be safe but she doesn’t like using condoms and she feels awkward asking her partner to be tested before they even make love. She called on The Doctors to help her find some answers to how she can avoid STDs and not have to ask her partner to be tested.

The Drs: HIV Symptoms, At Home HIV Testing & Healthcare Point System

The Doctors talked with one woman about the symptoms of HIV, the HIV testing kit she can buy to test herself at home and healthcare points systems.


The Doctors wanted to point out two things before they helped Whitney. First, nearly 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with HIV each year.

Second, there are no symptoms or signs of HIV. A person can have HIV for years before they see any symptoms because the symptoms only arise when the HIV turns to AIDS and the immune system starts being attacked. This makes it difficult to stop HIV because many people will not get tested, sleep with other people and then find out five years later they have HIV and have infected every person they slept with the past five years.

HIV Testing Can Be Done At Home

Thankfully for Whitney, she does not need to ruin the mood and ask her potential boyfriend to get tested because there is now at-home testing kits for HIV. While the test is not 100 percent accurate (it can not account for the first three to six months after you have made love with someone) The Doctors suggested taking the test once at the beginning of six months and then again six months later.


Check out the video below to find out how the HIV test works.

British Think Tank Asks For Point System In Healthcare System

A British think tank has proposed a new way to reduce the obesity epidemic in the world. They are calling for the government to start a points system where people who buy healthy food and exercise often get more points than people who don’t take care of themselves. The more points a person has, the better doctor and the better medicines they can get. Dr. Stork called the proposal silly because the plan is excluding the people who need to see the doctor the most. Why would you need better healthcare if you are already healthy and taking care of yourself?

“That proposal is contrary to the oath we took to heal our patients,” Dr. Andrew Ordon said.

Dr. Stork pointed out that many people can have the exact same diet and exercise plan but that does not mean they will all be in good health. He proposed positively reinforcing people who go to the doctor. For example, when the person goes to the doctor they get a lower health insurance bill or if a smoker stops smoking for good, they can see the doctor for free for a check up on their new health plan.

What kind of plan would you implement? How would you deal with rising obesity?



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