The Drs: Handsome Men Face Discrimination + Animal Humor


The Doctors: Gender Discrimination Based On Good Looks?

Researchers at University College London School of Management and the University of Maryland, found that handsome men are seen as a threat by their male bosses and may be less likely to be given roles that show off their individual talents. Dr Andrew Ordon agreed that in certain cases, being more attractive definitely helps, but it can also hurt you in other situations. Dr Ordon was pretty handsome back in the day, and shared that many would question whether he was serious when applying and going through medical school.


The point overall, is that it can happen to both sexes. Dr Travis Stork was The Bachelor, and shared that he was actually out to dinner with E.R. colleagues when someone came up to him from The Bachelor buying them beverages, “and the next thing you know I’m in Paris as the bachelor.” He said what he didn’t expect was all the work he had to do when he got back to justify all the hard work he put into becoming a doctor. He worked hard in medical school and residency, but felt like he was judged because he participated in the show.

The Drs: Handsome Men Face Discrimination + Animal Humor

The Doctors discussed research that shows attractive men tend to face more discrimination from their male bosses at work. ([email protected] / Flickr)

He said he actually tried to stay quiet, so it changed his personality in many ways. It’s pretty obvious that Dr Travis is a very handsome man, which is why they put him in front of a camera, but as he said, his record speaks for itself in terms of how hard he works as a doctor.


The Doctors: Do Animals Have A Sense Of Humor?

A video of an orangutan reacting to a magic trick has gone viral, and it’s made many wonder if animals have a sense of humor. Dr Rachael Ross said she believes that the smarter animals have a sense of humor, and chimps, who share 98% of our DNA, make noises that are the most similar to laughter.

The Doctors then revealed the word of the day, which was wild. You can use the word wild on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a gift certificate to Surya Brasil.

The Doctors: Katie Holmes Portraying Bipolar Woman

For their Doctors in 2:00, it was reported that in the new movie Touched with Fire, Katie Holmes plays a bipolar poet who’s art is fueled by her emotional extremes. While at a treatment facility, Holmes’ character becomes close with another patient also coping with a neurobiological disorder. Bipolar disorder affects more than 5 million Americans and according to the National Advisory Mental Health Council, there’s no cure for bipolar disorder, but there’s a very high treatment success rate.

The Doctors: Presidential Candidates Tackle Drug Addiction

Next, it was reported that many addicts in New Hampshire claim their addiction occurred after becoming dependent on opioids for pain management. With the upcoming New Hampshire primary on February 9, many presidential candidates with discuss the impact of drug addiction and its role in their own lives. Many political analysts are saying the New Hampshire primary can “make, break, or even revive a candidate.”

The Doctors: Easily Find The End Of Your Tape Roll

For The Doctors’ prescription of the day, Dr Travis Stork suggested that you put a paper clip on the end of your roll of tape so that the next time you need to use tape, you know right where it starts and you don’t have to struggle to get the tape started.


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