The Drs: Frozen Solid For Ten Hours + Incredible Survival Story

The Doctors: Man Frozen Solid For Ten Hours

Don Smith, Justin’s father, shared that he woke up one morning and saw that his son wasn’t home. He saw a missed call from Justin’s friend, and when he returned the call, Justin’s friend said she was really worried. As Don was driving around looking for his son, he found him laying face-up on the side of the road, in the snow. Don began shaking his son, yelling “you can’t leave me!” The coroner was called and a sheet was put over Justin. Emmett Thomas, a paramedic, spoke to an ER doctor, sharing that a 25-year-old male was found lying in a snow bank, adding that “all signs lead to, lead us to believe, he’s been dead for a considerable amount of time.”

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