The Drs: Frequent Urination Causes & Chest Rub Congestion Remedy


The Doctors: Health Problems Get Worse At Night

Chanel said she looks forward to restful sleep, but she wakes up about four times every night having to urinate. It is keeping her from getting a good night’s sleep, and she doesn’t know why she has such frequent nighttime urination.

Chanel met with Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman to get to the bottom of her urination problems. Chanel told Dr. Berman she does not urinate nearly as frequently during the daytime hours, and they discussed her medical history to rule out various factors.


The Doctors: Frequent Urination

Do you have to get up and go to the bathroom several times a night? Find out possible causes.

Frequent Urination Ultrasound Test

Next, Chanel provided a urine sample, which Dr. Berman checked for infections. She performed tests including an Ultrasound to check for infections or other explanations for this.

In the studio, Dr. Berman addressed frequent nighttime urination, which she said is more common in men with enlarged prostates. In women, common causes include pregnancy and menopause.


The Drs TV: Nighttime Urination Causes

In Chanel’s case, Dr. Berman ruled out infections, tumors, and stones in her urinary system. They found no obvious causes based on these tests, which I guess is good news because she doesn’t have cancer, but it still doesn’t explain what’s going on with her.

Dr. Travis Stork asked what Chanel and others can do about this condition. Dr. Berman said you can be evaluated by a doctor, which is fine for ruling things out, but it doesn’t seem to have helped Chanel that much.

How To Prevent Frequent Nighttime Urination

In addition, you can avoid caffeinated or diet beverages, as well as alcohol. She said you can go to the bathroom before bed, and even consider whether this problem could be a side effect of medication.

“At night, when we’re laying down, there’s increased profusion back to the heart,” Dr. Berman explained, “which then causes increased profusion to the kidneys, which then makes increased urine.”

How Long Does It Take For The Body To Process Fluids

Dr. Berman told Dr. Travis that it takes about three to four hours for a liquid to pass through the body to the bladder. Dr. Travis said you shouldn’t stop drinking water throughout the day, but you should cut off your beverage intake a few hours before bed.

Nighttime Cough & Fever

Taylor from Idaho asked The Doctors why his cold and flu symptoms are so much worse at night, which makes it difficult to rest and sleep, as is often recommended.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained why coughs and congestion get worse at night. The first explanation is gravity, which keeps you from clearing your nasal passages and airway. That’s why it’s recommended that you prop yourself up in bed at night when you are sick.

Why Are Colds Worse At Night

Dry environments and winter colds contribute to drying out your body, making your mucus thicker and harder to clear. You can combat this with a humidifier, which Dr. Andrew said can make a huge difference in your nighttime hydration.

Finally, your body is constantly working to clear up your cold, even when you’re sleeping. Dr. Andrew said chest vapor rubs haven’t been scientifically proven to make a difference for your cold, but it can make you more comfortable and have a placebo effect.

Chest Rub Remedy

Dr. Andrew recommended using Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Thyme Oil to make your chest rub. Or you could just go to the pharmacy and buy the chest rub, because you’re already sick and don’t want to be doing the extra work of making it yourself.

Dr. Jim Sears said kids shouldn’t use chest rubs, because they can be toxic to younger people. He also said children’s fevers typically go up at night.

Dr. Travis said adults shouldn’t have spiking fevers at night. If you are exhausted, have a high fever, and a bad cough, doctors worry that there could be something serious going on. When your symptoms are out of control, you should seek medical attention.


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