The Drs: Free ASPIRE Domestic Violence Education Program for All Ages


The Doctors: Domestic Violence Abuse

Every nine seconds, a woman is beaten or assaulted in the United States. Domestic violence is by far the leading cause of injury for women. The statistics are terrifying and the stories are all too familiar. Robin McGraw joined The Doctors to talk about her ASPIRE Initiative through her When Georgia Smiled Foundation.

The Doctors shared news clips about domestic violence, including a woman whose child’s father set her on fire in a gas station parking lot. But there are people standing up for women and abuse victims, in hopes of getting them the help and lifelines that they need.

The Drs TV: When Georgia Smiled Foundation

Robin McGraw, wife of TV’s Dr Phil, said she believes in giving back as much as she can. The couple has two grown sons, as well as grandchildren. She has embarked on a new chapter in her charity work.


  1. Patricia Williams says

    I am organizing a Domestic Violence Ministry in my Church and I need all information that is surrounded with Domestic Violence. I am a victim of domestic violence and I was never assisted and still am homeless. In the Community where I live, Domestic Violence is rising and we are going to do something about this. I welcome any and all information that you can send to me. Thanking you in advance for your assistance to this matter, Pat Williams

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