The Drs: Foot & Heel Pain Ultrasound Injections & Natural Remedies


The Doctors: Night Foot Pain

Kelly emailed The Doctors to ask for advice about her aching feet. She stands all day at work, and by the time she gets home, she said she can hardly walk.

Dr. Travis Stork said this is a common question. He invited Kelly and Podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh to talk about what’s going on with her persistent heel pain at night.


The Doctors: Ultrasound Injections For Foot Pain

Learn how ultrasound injections can relieve severe foot pain, and how you can keep it from escalating.

Foot Ligament & Heel Pain

Dr. Ali said your foot ligaments heal while you are sleeping from the pain and damage of walking all day. This makes them contract, leading to pain, and could be worse first thing in the morning.

In Kelly’s case, he isolated the ligament that is causing her problem. He planned to give her an injection of anti-inflammatories to help her ligament smooth out.


Foot Pain Ligament Injections

However, these injections are not the first treatment option. In fact, up to 75% of patients can find relief without this type of medication. Dr. Ali recommended seeking an evaluation from your own doctor.

Using an Ultrasound, Dr. Ali was able to precisely and accurately target the appropriate ligament to help relieve Kelly’s pain.

Dr. Travis said ignoring this type of problem will only cause it to get worse. On the Ultrasound, Dr. Ali pointed out the Plantar Fascia, and you could even see the injection going into her foot on the Ultrasound.

The Drs TV: Ultrasound Technology

It’s amazing to me that Ultrasound has so many applications these days. For a long time, I understood it was primarily used to do Pregnancy Examinations, because it’s low risk and doesn’t use radiation.

But if it’s great for so many other medical applications, such as these foot injections, I wonder why it took so long to become popular.

The Doctors: Foot Pain Remedies

Dr. Travis said Kelly’s shots should make a real difference within a few days. Dr. Ali pointed out some ways you can manage your pain at home.

Stretching with a towel around your foot can help stretch your ligaments. You can also freeze a water bottle and roll it under your foot, also relaxing the ligament.

You can also find over the counter or prescription ligaments to get foot relief for your particular needs.


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