The Drs: Flint, Michigan Lead Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites


The Doctors: Flint, Michigan Tap Water Crisis

The Doctors kicked off their January 11 episode by discussing the Flint, Michigan state of emergency due to the condition of their drinking water. Children were found to have shocking levels of lead in their blood from drinking contaminated water and the mayor brought the state of emergency saying the exposure is causing irreversible damage in children, which could lead to learning disabilities. The city disconnected from the Detroit water system in hopes of cutting costs just last year, but it’s only lead to a disaster.


Kids were found to have double the level of lead in their blood from drinking the water. Residents complained for months about the water, which mostly effects children. Dr Rachael Ross said it’s a true tragedy that has happened in other areas of the United States, saying lead poisoning is a national epidemic. Dr Drew Ordon said you would think they would be more on top of monitoring the water conditions, and it was at that point that The Doctors brought in the mayor of Flint, Michigan.

The Drs: Flint, Michigan Lead Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites

The Doctors discussed the State of Emergency in Flint, Michigan because of lead poisoning from tap water. (armaggeusa / Flickr)


The Doctors: Lead Poisoning From Contaminated Water

Dr Karen Weaver promised that if she was elected, she would declare the state of emergency and she did just that. Dr Weaver explained that the problem went on for a while and they were actually told that the water was good, and although people knew something was wrong, they didn’t have anything to prove it other than the fact that it didn’t look, taste, or smell right. Scientifically, they didn’t have anything to justify an emergency, until Virginia Tech came in and performed testing.

Flint has now switched to Detroit’s water system as their source of water, and Dr Ross applauded Dr Weaver for being the first female mayor of Flint. But has congress offered anything for the future of Flint for the damage the water has done? Dr Weaver said the state of emergency was put into place in order to get the funds that are necessary to help the community.

The water was even known as “corrosive” and obviously water isn’t supposed to be corrosive. It’s likely the pipes had lead in them, further adding to the problem.

The Doctors: Parasitic Worms To Improve Health?

The Doctors then moved on to talk about people who purposefully infect themselves with an intestinal worm. Some scientists believe parasitic worms could be the next probiotic treatment by balancing the immune system. Parasitic worms could reduce overall inflammation, and The Doctors made it clear that you should not go and purposefully ingest a worm in hopes of improving your health. In countries where people are regularly exposed to certain types of parasites, you don’t see as many autoimmune issues like allergies and asthma, so there is certainly an idea behind it.

There’s a lot of potential there, but a lot more research is needed.

The Doctors: Vitality Air, Fresh Rocky Mountain Canned Air

Before the end of the segment, Dr Travis Stork whipped out an aerosol can of fresh Canadian Rocky air, called Vitality Air. It’s made by two guys in Canada and started out as a joke. You’re supposed to breathe it in directly from the can and Dr Stork, Dr Rachael Ross and Dr Ordon really liked it, maybe even a little too much! The only problem Dr Stork had with them in that the cans ranged from $16-35, and theres 150 breaths of air per bottle.


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