The Drs: Flesh-Eating Disease & ISIS + Hobbies Help Healing


The Doctors: Catching Texting While Driving

Cops in Maryland are using a unique approach to catching people texting while driving. The photo shows a man standing on the side of the road holding a piece of cardboard that reads “I am not homeless. I am a Montgomery county police officer looking for cell phone texting violations.” It was a STING operation and he would radio ahead to another officer and in two hours, there were 80 traffic violations for people texting while driving.

The average time you take your eyes off the road to text is five seconds, which is the same as driving the length of a football field blindfolded, if you’re going 55 MPH.


The Doctors: Flesh-Eating Disease Attacking ISIS

The Drs: Flesh-Eating Disease & ISIS + Hobbies Help Healing

The Doctors spoke to a writer who managed to cope with his nearly fatal illness by doing what he does best. (92072279@N02 / Flickr)

The Doctors then shared a special report, discussing the brutality that has been shared by ISIS. Now, several news agencies are reporting that a disfiguring flesh-eating disease is sweeping across Syria and the U.S. State Department claims ISIS is partly to blame. The disease causes painful open sores and can take years to heal or can even be fatal. The disease is spread by a parasite-carrying sand fly that transmits the disease. Sand flies breed in poor sanitary conditions which has increased in Syria because of ISIS’ random disposal of corpses.


The London Daily Mirror reports that a large number of ISIS militants have been infected and now have large, open wounds. The disease is reportedly spreading quickly among ISIS members. One report claims ISIS is getting “A dose of their own medicine, with many falling to an enemy no bigger than a fly.”

The Doctors: Writer Nearly Dies From Staph Infection

The Doctors introduced a man named Paul, who explained that he and his partner, Hope Shenk-de Michele, had been friends since college and “Devil’s Daughter” is their first book together. As soon as he and Hope finished the book, he fell ill. He was walking his dog when his hips started hurting, followed by his lower back. He felt like he couldn’t walk so he went to the emergency room, where it was discovered he had a bacteria in his system that was shutting his body down. Hours passed and he developed 22 ulcers and suffered from bleeding as well as cartilage damage.

It also detached the retina in his right eye causing blindness in that eye. At one point, while he was in the ICU, his family and friends were told he had 48 hours left, but he doesn’t remember any of that. What he remembers, vividly in fact, are the “other realities” he visited while he was in the hospital. He was in starspace where he could see gates in front of him. He was in the hospital for two months and when he was released he was house-bound. Writing has been his way to cope, letting him take himself somewhere else, allowing for him to heal.

The Doctors: Hobbies Aid Healing

The Doctors then welcomed Paul Marquez to their show, who said recovery has been a long process but he’s doing well now. He basically suffered from a staph infection, but they don’t know exactly where it came from. Paul said writing is what truly helped him through the recovery process, saying that hobbies can truly aid healing. Hope, Paul’s writing partner and best friend certainly helped as well.


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